Bill Gates attends launch of KKF ‘Shaghaf’ program

Updated 04 April 2016

Bill Gates attends launch of KKF ‘Shaghaf’ program

RIYADH: The Riyadh-based King Khalid Foundation (KKF) has launched the Saudi Philanthropic Fellowship Program (Shaghaf, meaning “passionate” in Arabic), in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

The founder of the world’s largest software business (Microsoft) and the associate chairman of the BMGF, Bill Gates, attended the launch ceremony at KKF headquarters here Sunday with Minister of Social Affairs Dr. Majed Al-Qassabi and Secretary General of KKF Princess Albandari bint Abdulrahman Al-Faisal.
In his address, Gates expressed his pleasure in attending the event with young Saudis ambitious for philanthropic work, and spoke about his foundation and its achievements. He also provided tips for success in business and philanthropic work.
Princess Albandari, in her address, expressed her pleasure and pride in launching this program.
“It is the first tangible fruit of the cooperation between KKF, the pioneer Saudi foundation, and the BMGF, the globally well-renowned prominent philanthropic foundation. It is a byproduct of the two sides’ approaches as funding foundations, to cooperate, innovate and participate in establishing social and economic development projects in their areas of specialty,” she said.
“The program has both immediate and strategic objectives. Immediate objectives include attracting and enabling ambitious young Saudis in the non-profit organization (NPO) sector to develop and harness their knowledge and skills so they become leaders in the sector and create ambassadors to deal with local development issues,” she added.
“The strategic objectives include contributing to improving the image of the NPO sector in the Kingdom, raising the credibility of the profession in the sector by providing it with well-trained capabilities, and bringing global best knowledge and practices in the field to the country,” she also said.
Initially 10 Saudis will be selected and enrolled in the program that will last for two years. The program, starting this year, will be composed of a full time job at an NPO in the Kingdom for 23 months, including intensive training in managing an NPO at a world class organization during the summer, and a trip to the BMGF and one of its affiliates to make participants gain further experience.

Saudi Civil Service Ministry links up with 90 other agencies

Updated 13 December 2019

Saudi Civil Service Ministry links up with 90 other agencies

RIYADH: The Ministry of Civil Service, through a strategic partnership with the e-government program “Yesser,” has linked central databases with 90 government agencies representing more than 86 percent of public sector employees.

The database connection was secured after the agencies completed the requirements for sending human resources data through the government integration channel according to the classification of groups specified by the ministry.

The ministry, represented by its Digital Transformation Agency, has provided more than 27 electronic services on its website, serving government agencies and public sector employees.

This includes the “Eltizam” (commitment) service to provide human resources data including personnel data, jobs, salaries, qualifications, leave and performance evaluation.

There is also the “My Career Data” platform, which enables civil servants and human resources specialists to review and correct data, providing access to historical career records and administrative transactions.

King Salman recently issued directives to government agencies to complete electronic connectivity with the Ministry of Civil Service, to provide human resources data within 120 days.


What is Yesser?

It is a program that works as a link among Saudi government agencies in their e-transition journey. Yesser establishes, develops and manages several e-government initiatives and products in Saudi Arabia using the highest technical and security standards.