Illegal slaughterhouse shut down

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Updated 04 April 2016

Illegal slaughterhouse shut down

RIYADH: Authorities shut down an illegal slaughterhouse which posed a health hazard to consumers in the Kingdom.
According an official from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the facility, located in Al-Khamrah quarter, south of Jeddah, slaughtered chickens to clandestinely supply markets, mini-markets and supermarkets in the commercial capital of Jeddah at prices cheaper than standard rates.
The ministry's inspection teams were able to prevent selling and marketing of more than 5,000 slaughtered chickens. They also detected more than 3,000 labels with counterfeit trademarks bearing the name “Nature Poultry.” Machines and tubs used for slaughtering, skinning and washing poultry were also seized by the inspectors.
These butchers embarked on this practice which puts public health at great risk, an official said. He added that the slaughterhouse did not have an official license to operate, and kill and skin the birds. Operations were carried out without the necessary health requirements and without the knowledge of veterinarians who check the slaughtered meat to mitigate the risks of contracting diseases.
The authorities have booked the illegal workers and others who were responsible for the running of the slaughterhouse.
He said that the raid was in response to a tip-off received from a member of the public who noticed irregular movements at the slaughterhouse.
The raids were part of the ministry's inspection rounds, implemented on warehouses and commercial institutions to verify their regular operations, ensure the absence of fraudulent and manipulative practices on consumers, and to eradicate the supply of counterfeit and substandard products and foodstuffs to the local market.
The ministry emphasized that it will not hesitate to impose legal penalties on offenders and those involved in fraud which puts the health and safety of consumers at risk. It called on consumers to lodge their complaints or observations through the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a commercial notification.

Abdullah bin Mufreh Al-Dhayabi, president of Tabuk University

Updated 11 December 2019

Abdullah bin Mufreh Al-Dhayabi, president of Tabuk University

  • Al-Dhayabi began his academic career as a lecturer at KAU
  • Al-Dhayabi is a member of the higher committees for female colleges in the Kingdom

RIYADH: Dr. Abdullah bin Mufreh Al-Dhayabi has been the president of Tabuk University since October 2017.

Prior to that, he was the deputy head of educational affairs at King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) in Jeddah, where he served in the position for one year. 

He has also been the chairman of the promotion and job competition committee, as well as the safety committee, at Tabuk University since November 2012. 

Al-Dhayabi began his academic career as a lecturer at KAU, where he received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the College of Science. 

He later traveled abroad to pursue his higher education, earning his master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Missouri, US. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Birmingham, UK.

After that, he returned to the Kingdom and joined KAU as an assistant professor. He remained in that position from 2005 to 2010, then served as an associate professor between 2010 and 2014.

Al-Dhayabi is a member of the higher committees for female colleges in the Kingdom and the community colleges higher committee at the Ministry of Higher Education.

He congratulated King Salman on the release of the government’s annual budget for 2020.

“Approximately one-fifth of the budget is allocated to education, which reflects the leadership’s keenness to invest in the human element through education and training ... to open new horizons and job opportunities for Saudi youth and encourage them to invest in the diverse resources in the Kingdom,” Al-Dhayabi said.