‘All jobs in mobile phone industry are for Saudis’

Updated 21 April 2016

‘All jobs in mobile phone industry are for Saudis’

RIYADH: The Ministry of Labor will not allow any foreign nationals to continue work in the mobile and telecommunications industry in the Kingdom.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, as a follow-up to the directive issued by Labor Minister Mufrej Al-Haqabani which stated that only Saudis will be employed in the mobile phone industry, including sales, maintenance and accessories by Sept. 2.
Labor Ministry spokesman Khalid Abha Al-Khail said that the rule applies to all regardless of their nationality.
“We need this sector to be fully Saudized by Sept. 1,” he said.
He said an inspection campaign would be carried out in all sectors in the mobile industry beginning in Ramadan. “We are very keen to employ our young Saudi men and women in this sector,” he added.
The official said that the ministry would conduct training programs for young Saudi men and women who wish to enter the sector.
The employment of locals will be carried out in this sector by the Labor Ministry in coordination with the Ministries of Commerce and Industry, Municipal and Rural Affairs and Communications and Technology, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC),the General Organization for Social Insurance, and other agencies.
The training program will be conducted in coordination with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation,TVTC, and will cover areas such as customer service, sales management, the basics of mobile maintenance, and maintenance of advanced mobile phones.
The new plan is to create jobs for Saudi men and women that will give them financial stability and minimize cover-up activities. The decision will be enforced across the country and include small, medium and large businesses.
The HRDF will provide employment support services to enterprises and job-seekers in the telecommunications industry, which will be accessible at www.taqat.sa. There will also be support provided in paying part of the salaries of Saudis employed.
The ministry has warned that violators, particularly those businesspeople and their employees involved in cover-ups, will be subject to heavy penalties.

US denies banning dates from Saudi Arabia

Updated 16 min 38 sec ago

US denies banning dates from Saudi Arabia

  • There has been no FDA ban on dates from Saudi Arabia, the administration told Arab News

RIYADH: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied that it banned the import of dates from Saudi Arabia, following media reports that it had done so earlier this week.

“There has been no FDA ban on dates from Saudi Arabia,” the administration told Arab News. The Saudi National Center for Palms & Dates (NCPD) also denied the reports.

The NCPD pointed out that reports published mentioned the finding of pesticide residues in date samples from a Saudi company dating back to 2009.

In a statement on Sunday, the NCPD said that the US FDA published on its website a list of all the companies “classified by country” which did not meet US standards.

It added that the FDA required companies to update their information with it as and when that changed.

Bashar Al-Quraya, deputy chairman of the Dates Committee of Al-Qassim Chamber of Commerce, told Arab News that the information did not come from reliable sources. “We did not see any real official statements,” he said.

The center stressed that they work with the relevant authorities to raise the level of date safety in general for products sold in local or export markets.

“Saudi Arabia is considered number one in date quality,” Al-Quraya said, adding that when they export dates to Germany and the UK, the entry procedures go very smoothly. “There are no problems and the procedures are very simple and clear.”

Al-Quraya also pointed out that for the last two months of growth before harvesting the crop, no pesticides are sprayed on Saudi dates, and the exported fruits are subjected to tests before shipping.

“The rumors did not affect the market. I am now at the food fair in Dubai, there is a great demand for Saudi dates from European countries,” he said.

“If there was a problem with our dates the news should come from the UK or Germany, as the number of dates we export (there) are much bigger than what we export to the US,” he added.