Saudi prisoners in Jordan ask to finish sentences at home

Updated 30 August 2012

Saudi prisoners in Jordan ask to finish sentences at home

DAMMAM: Fifty Saudi prisoners in prisons across Jordan have requested to finish serving their sentences at home, Arabic daily Al-Madinah reported.
Hamad Al-Hajri of the Saudi Embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Amman said Saudi Arabia and Jordan have signed an agreement to swap prisoners but nothing has been done yet.
“The agreement, endorsed by the Jordanian Parliament and the House of Representatives has not been put into effect,” he said.
Saudi Embassy staff visit prisoners monthly to monitor their health and distribute clothes and cash. “Acute cases are transferred to the local hospital,” he said.
Al-Hajri noted many Saudis especially from the northern areas of the Kingdom are visiting Jordan for medical tourism and medical bills to be paid by the embassy add up to more than SR 7 million.
He said there were no security risks for the Saudi tourist in Jordan except for some petty crime like car theft. “The embassy has taken their concern to the Jordanian foreign ministry who promises to deal with it at the highest security level,” Al-Hajri said.
The Saudi embassy warns tourists not to withdraw large amounts of cash from ATMs and not leave their cars running when they are not in them.
“These actions give thieves the opportunity they are looking for,” he warned.
He reminds Saudi citizens to provide the embassy with their identification information when they first arrive in the country. In case of a lost or stolen passport, the embassy is able to respond quickly.
“Saudis who have cases before the courts should make sure they attend the first court session or they run the risk of being arrested at the border next time they try to enter the country,” he added.
Al-Hajri said the embassy is also helping Saudis who are fleeing the fighting in Syria and crossing over into Jordan. They will arrange for accommodation and travel back to home.

KSRelief dispatches help for Lebanese medical teams treating explosion victims 

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KSRelief dispatches help for Lebanese medical teams treating explosion victims 

RIYADH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) has assisted Lebanese medical teams treating victims of the Beirut explosion on Tuesday.

Emergency teams from the Souboul Al Salam Relief Team, which is funded by KSRelief, went from north of Lebanon to Beirut to support medical teams on the ground. 

Another team from Al-Amal Medical Center, also funded by KSRelief, provided emergency health care services and started a blood donation campaign to meet the demand of Beirut hospitals.


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The prime minister of Lebanon, which is already struggling with an economic crisis and battling COVID-19, has made a desperate plea for help following Tuesday’s deadly explosions.
Kuwait said it has delivered medical aid and other essentials by a military plane on Wednesday morning.
The World Health Organization and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies were sending 40 tonnes of medical supplies, including personal protective equipment to Beirut on a flight paid for by Dubai-based International Humanitarian City, a hub for humanitarian emergency preparedness and response, a WHO representative said.
"We are offering medical trauma kits and surgical kits containing things such as syringes, bandages and surgical gowns," said Nevien Attalla, operations manager for the WHO's Dubai hub.

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