Saudi fashionistas you must follow on Instagram

Saudi fashionistas you must follow on Instagram
Updated 16 March 2015

Saudi fashionistas you must follow on Instagram

Saudi fashionistas you must follow on Instagram

In the fashion industry, the level of creativity rises above the roof with whole new wardrobe designs and items ready to hit the market by storm day by day. The trends have been flying around with new directions to show the world. With Instagram’s rapid growth, it has provided a medium where people can share their photographic eyes.
Today, in our daily lives here in Saudi Arabia, the fashion industry bloomed like no other and the best part about it is that it happened directly on Instagram where we could all sit and watch the beauty of fashion flourish. Below is a list of the most famous Saudi designers, fashion stylist/blogger and boutiques that have made all Saudi girls proud. These seven Saudi women have worked to reach where they are today only by sharing their love for fashion.

Saudi Trends displays a daily guidebook of fashion by three sisters who have dedicated this account for sharing the latest wardrobes and styles. They have given their followers so many ideas on how to style their clothing and the different ways to wear them. They also feature Saudi women original. They also share tips and advice on a number of issues, as well as accepting any queries.
Cream Jeddah is a boutique located in one of the many malls of Jeddah, featuring the designs and products of a number of different fashion experts, local and international. Dana Malhas Ghandour, the co-founder, has shown her entrepreneurial skills by displaying such a unique and vast collection of fashion in one single boutique.


Nada Harasani has created the Kingdom’s very first online shop, which is based in Jeddah. She has catered to the online shopping lovers, and brought them a desirable collection from a number of brands. She has collected pieces from the United States and other countries with exquisite taste.
Craze has also created their own snapchat account, in which their everyday tasks are shared, along with the process of selecting the items.

Razan Al-Azzouni has reached the ultimate greatness with her own original designs and collections. The Saudi artist has created a phenomenal women’s wear brand, which has even made celebrities fall in love with her materials. You will be nothing but shining elegance with a Razan special.

Al-Anound Bandr has dropped her name and made sure that everyone knew her as the SaudiDesigner Lady Fozaz. Al-Anoud has created an original line of fashioned blazers that has gained the love of people of all tastes. She has brought a new direction to ordinary blazers, launching the trend of women blazers everywhere. Her eye for fashion has landed her a spot in the fashion industry. On her account, she shares her fashion life with a detailed overview of what she is dressed in.
It started out with abays for Moudi Al Suliman, with her original brand Tiraz, specifically for abays and thobes. She has grown and opened a multi-brand concept store in which she displays a number of collections from small Saudi designers in support to their entrance in the Saudi fashion market. She is also featuring collection from Turkey and her own designs for clothing lines. The store offers a number of purchasing items for both male and female customers. Moudi has captured the trends that are flying around and collected them in her own display store.

Discover this pop cultural Jeddah brand created by Pratt University student Alaa Balkhy. It all started with simple doodles for her, until she created products with her artistic skills. Her collection includes: Clothing, stationary, accessories, bags etc. Alaa has distributed her collections in certain stores, participates in events/bazars and in an online store. She continues to find innovative ways to print her doodles on materials and uses her fashion senses to make trendy items.

Courtesy: The Social Clinic