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“The Woodcutter’s Treasure”: Saudi Anime at last

  • Manga Production, a Saudi company, streamed a teaser for an anime cartoon titled “The Woodcutter’s Treasure” last week; it is Manga’s first joint production with Japanese animation house Toei....

“Pride of Palestine” in fighting shape to reignite MMA career

  • DUBAI: Abdul Kareem Al-Selwady is restless. Specifically, restless to fight again.  The MMA fighter, nicknamed the “Pride of Palestine” is stuck at his Dallas, Texas home, training on his own and, like the rest of the world, waiting for the nightmare that is the coronavirus crisis to pas...

’What a brave nation’ — Pakistan’s bus attack hero hails Sri Lanka cricketers’ return

  • LAHORE: Driver Meher Muhammad Khalil became a hero when militants attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team bus on a busy street in Lahore in 2009, holding his nerve under gunfire to whisk them to safety....

’We have nothing’: Iraqi protesters voice anger, hope

  • BAGHDAD: Thousands of Iraqi protesters have occupied the parliament in Baghdad’s Green Zone for the past five days, the latest political turmoil to strike the war-scarred country. The mass sit-in is led by followers of powerful Shiite Muslim preacher and political kingmaker Moqtada Sadr, who i...

’Tom and Jerry responsible for Egypt violence’

  • CAIRO: An Egyptian government official has blamed the animated “Tom and Jerry” series for allegedly spreading a culture of violence.The accusations by Salah Abdel-Sadek, head of State Information Service, which is affiliated with the presidency, came at a forum held in Cairo this week.Abdel-Sadek...

’Telegram’ adds selfie masks

  • Messaging platform Telegram has beefed up its in-app photo editor in what it dubs an “entertainment-heavy update” — including an option that lets users customize selfies by adding cartoon masks that automatically align on their faces, TechChurch reports.The feature is far less sophisticated than...

’Spectre’ remains atop US box office battle

  • LOS ANGELES: The new James Bond movie “Spectre” stayed atop the North American box office revenue tally in its second week in theaters, bringing in $35.4 million, industry estimates showed Sunday.The star-studded spy thriller — with Daniel Craig as the dashing secret agent, Italian beauty Monica...

’Guidance from Allah my source of strength’

  • • Which particular aspect of Saudi Arabia you like the most? The holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.• What is your favorite and oft-repeated Arabic word? MashaAllah.• Which book is by your bedside these days? The Holy Qur’an.• Your favorite holiday destination? Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia.• What...

’Drunken row’ sparked Pakistan anti-Christian riot

  • LAHORE, Pakistan: A drunken row between two friends was the trigger for blasphemy allegations that prompted a mob of angry Pakistani Muslim protesters to burn more than 100 Christian homes, police and witnesses said.More than 3,000 Muslims rampaged through Joseph Colony, a Christian area of the...

‘Zonkey’ baby Ippo draws crowds in Florence

  • An act of love between Martin the zebra and Giada the donkey in the romantic Italian city of Florence has produced a rare “zonkey” baby that is drawing crowds to an unusual exotic animal shelter....