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Is Middle East headed for another war?

  • Will there be a war in the Middle East this summer? It is a question that is frequently asked by pundits and laymen alike this time of the year, every year. The Middle East is always a good candidate for an outbreak of regional or international conflict. For decades the Arab-Israeli conflict was...

Egypt: Anything can happen now!

  • Everything in Egypt is possible nowadays. The runoff presidential election, slated for June 16-17, will be held on time, but then again it might not. On Thursday, June 14, the Higher Constitutional Court will rule on constitutionality of the so-called Political Isolation Law. The ruling could go...

The Russian factor in the Syrian crisis

  • In a long-winded speech before Syria’s newly elected Parliament on Sunday, President Bashar Assad offered no new initiatives to end the 15-month-long popular uprising against his regime. Instead he appeared to be in a state of denial, refusing to recognize the legitimate demands of his...

The unlikely demise of the Arab Spring

  • News of the premature demise of the Arab Spring, the spontaneous wave of mass protests calling for regime change and political rights, are greatly exaggerated. Those who believe that the phenomenon is over and done with rest their prognosis on a number of factors. Since the contagion reached...