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A deal that was bound to fail

  • Syria's truce has unraveled as many observers had predicted. Lack of confidence between the US and Russia has marred a last minute agreement by the foreign secretaries of the two countries from the start. It was an agreement that lacked transparency and took many parties by surprise. Until...

Putin ups the stakes in Syria

  • Russia is playing a dangerous game in Syria and it is raising the stakes there so hastily that pundits are now talking about a sharp dip, and heightened tension, in US-Russian ties the kind of which we have not seen since the era of the Cold War. Some have even warned that the ingredients for a...

All is not quiet on the Libyan front

  • Libya has not been much in the news lately but that does not mean that all is good. Five years after western powers intervened militarily in that country — in the height of the so-called Arab Spring — resulting in the collapse of the regime of autocratic leader Muammar Gaddafi and his subsequent...

Assad’s Pyrrhic victory in Aleppo

  • To the victor go the spoils, but who exactly are the victors in Syria following the epochal fall of East Aleppo to regime forces and their Iranian and Russian allies? As tens of thousands of traumatized civilians begin their painstakingly slow evacuation from the ruins of what used to be their...