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Can Boris Johnson survive the beating he took in UK local elections?

  • The local elections in the UK on Thursday delivered a “black eye” to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party. The Conservatives lost a significant number of seats in the party’s English heartland but the much bigger potential challenges facing the prime minister now lie in the rest of the UK...

Biden setting his foreign policy sights far beyond Ukraine

  • When Joe Biden began his presidency about 15 months ago, Asia-Pacific was the North Star of his foreign policy. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has recast his international priorities. The US president is now making the final preparations for an important trip to Japan and South Korea, w...

Why there’s more than economics to the G7’s role

  • The G7 was created amid the instability of the 1970s to monitor developments in the world economy and assess macroeconomic policies, but its role as a geopolitical linchpin has long been important too. This is being showcased during this year’s German presidency of the G7, which has been reca...

A lot at stake as the EU prepares for historic expansion talks

  • European Council meetings of the 27 leaders of EU member states can be technocratic and dull affairs. But this has changed since the start of the Ukraine conflict, with the “hand of history” hanging over their decisions more than ever. During their next meeting, on Thursday and Friday this wee...

Why new Scottish referendum is a bad idea

  • Most administrations in Europe have full agendas at the moment, with cost-of-living crises, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine on their minds. However, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this week took the gamble of her life by also pushing for a new independence referendum next year that...

Why Truss favors foreign policy radicalism

  • Liz Truss has served as UK foreign secretary for almost a year, yet if she is selected as prime minister next month, British international policy will face a sharper break than if ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak wins out. Foreign affairs beyond Europe is one of the few policy areas where Trus...