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Coronavirus crisis far from over despite rays of hope

  • This week has seen growing optimism in Asia and Europe that the coronavirus crisis may have passed its peak in these areas. Yet, while global markets have been buoyed by these developments, from Wuhan to Western Europe, it is still too early to conclusively say that the tide has turned. Acros...

Italy debt is EU’s major concern following Greek landmark

  • This week saw the political milestone event of Greece officially completing an eight-year bailout program following an economic collapse on the scale of the Great Depression. Yet, important as this moment could be for Athens and the EU at large, several European nations — including G-...

US and Mexico throw Canada under NAFTA bus

  • North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations resumed on Wednesday with pressure growing on Canada to cut into the bilateral deal agreed last week between the US and Mexico. September will, therefore, be a crunch month for Washington’s relationship with Ottawa and the future of multilatera...