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Brexit may not be good for the UK, but it’s right for it

  • In the end, Brexit happened with a whimper, almost as a sideshow. On Jan. 1, after months of haggling and while preoccupied with the coronavirus disease crisis and the new mutant variant raging within its borders, the UK began its new (one is tempted to say socially distanced) relationship with...

The dire consequences of West’s mishandling of the pandemic

  • One of the highlights of my calendar is time spent at my home in the English countryside and in various other European countries. During my travels, I have always recharged my energy levels ready to take on every challenge life throws my way. But this year will be different. In truth, I am dee...

Oil-price rally: Only possible because of KSA’s voluntary production cut

  • And we are back. So, we might say, looking at Brent futures going above $60 per barrel on Monday and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) up 60 percent since October/November. This is indeed a remarkable comeback from 10 months ago when WTI briefly turned negative on that fatal day in April. What en...

Vaccine nationalism- its impacts on Pakistan and beyond

  • With Canadians, Britons and Americans rolling up their sleeves to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, the arrival of vaccines has provided a light at the end of the tunnel. But for low and middle income countries including Pakistan, the road is far longer and rougher and the ride appears to be bumpy...

Johnson hoping ‘Boris bounce’ lasts until election day

  • With the UK having one of the highest per capita death rates from the coronavirus pandemic and an economy hit harder than almost any G20 country, many had anticipated that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be languishing in the polls. However, one of the current surprises of British politics i...

The Prince Naif I knew (Part 1)

  • (First of a two-part series)...

Saudi Arabia can rescue Pakistan

  • The safety and security of Saudi Arabia relies on an old strategy that has remained unchanged over time despite leadership changes in surrounding countries: There is the need for a strong Pakistan in the east, and a powerful and stable Egypt in the west. The Kingdom should maintain good and...

US-Israeli ties: The haggle over Hagel

  • I find Chuck Hagel eminently likeable. I am not quite certain why....

Bangkok under the boot

  • When queried five months ago about the likelihood of a military coup, Thailand’s army chief opted for ambiguity. “That door is neither open nor closed,” he declared. “It will be determined by the situation.”More recently, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, who was due to retire in September, was less...

The great backlash against globalization

  • In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, policymakers’ success in preventing the Great Recession from turning into Great Depression II held in check demands for protectionist and inward-looking measures. But now the backlash against globalization — and the freer movement of...