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The Middle East under Trump

  • Barack Obama’s presidency is in its waning days, and the US and the rest of the world are bracing for the unknown under a man who has befuddled his allies even before his foes. Donald Trump will take over a sharply divided country, and will immediately face foreign policy challenges where off-the...

Brexit into Trumpland

  • British Prime Minister Theresa May is leading the UK toward a very “hard” Brexit in 2019 — and potentially off a cliff, if the UK leaves the EU without an exit or trade deal. In her Jan. 17 speech, May outlined her objectives for negotiating with the EU, and made it clear that she will prioritize...

How life might change as we live with the pandemic

  • How will we cope if the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is here to stay, at least for the next few years? It is a grim prospect but, given the spread of the virus, the rising number of variants and the unequal vaccination process, it is a future everyone may have to start coming to terms with. H...

World’s case of ‘long COVID’ needs urgent attention

  • As awareness of the extent of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis began to register last year, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a plea for a “global cease-fire.” In March 2020, he responded to the widespread concerns of development agencies that victims already caught up in the ...

Twin Ebola, COVID-19 threats a danger to West Africa

  • News of Ebola re-emerging in West Africa last week on top of the global coronavirus pandemic makes for the perfect toxic mix. West African countries are contending with the pandemic in various ways, with outside help from Europe, the US, China and Russia. It is important to recall the last maj...

Oil markets ahead of March OPEC+ meeting: Caution may be advisable

  • After the bust comes the boom. Ten months ago, oil saw its worst decline in demand in the commodity’s history. Put that against January and February of this year, when it saw the steepest-ever rally for the first two months of any calendar year. The oil price rally over the last few months ha...

Vaccine diplomacy likely to prolong pandemic suffering

  • Vaccines are arguably the most sought-after currency in the world right now. Huge stockpiles provide those governments that control them the supposed reassurance of being able to vaccinate and placate their weary and frustrated populations. But many have also seen additional side benefits, incl...

How Russia’s revolutionaries won the battle but lost the war

  • A century has passed since the Russian Revolution, undoubtedly one of the most momentous events of the 20th century: A revolution that deeply divided the views of an entire generation, and collapsed like pack of cards 70 years later — but not without leaving behind a legacy at home and...

Why vaccination should be a force for global unity

  • The World Health Organization has so far declared only two diseases to be eradicated —  smallpox and rinderpest. It takes years, sometimes a generation, of scientific and social efforts to eliminate a disease, or at least keep it at check. By all accounts, the current coronavirus pandemic ...

No one is safe till everyone is vaccinated

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has been called the biggest challenge to the world order since World War II. In late March 2021, more than 20 world leaders came together to call for a “new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response” that would help build the cooperation needed to mange i...