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COVID-19 and the moral argument over intellectual property rights

  • We are at a crossroads in the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Despite the historic global vaccination effort that is underway, variants and mutations of the virus keep popping up. This has led to worries that the fight against the pandemic cannot move forward without an extra ...

May the voices of the oppressed be heard this Ramadan

  • The number of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases in Palestine, especially in Gaza, has reached record highs this month, largely due to the arrival of a greatly contagious variant that was first identified in the UK. Gaza has always been vulnerable to this deadly pandemic. Under a hermetic Is...

Tough decisions for ministers at upcoming OPEC+ meeting

  • The ministers of OPEC+, an alliance between OPEC members and 10 friendly producer nations led by Russia, will meet this week to look at the global oil markets. On April 1, the ministers agreed to ease production cuts by 350,000 barrels per day (bpd) during May and June, and 441,000 bpd in Jul...

India reeling from a COVID-19 tsunami

  • It is humbling when a columnist has to retract his words soon after penning them. Just two months ago, after India rushed millions of doses of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to more than 60 countries, I praised the country’s “vaccine diplomacy.” India’s aspirations to be recognized as a global...

COVID-19: No one is safe until all are safe

  • While financial markets and many people in wealthy industrialised countries appear to believe that the pandemic is over, it is in fact accelerating globally and the worst may be yet to come, as the tragedy in India underlines.   The worldwide death toll passed 3 million in April, an...

It’s too soon to breathe easy over COVID-19

  • It seems fashionable to think the coronavirus crisis is over or is passing into memory thanks to vaccines and new protocols. It is not. The pyres in India are a reminder that COVID-19 is not gone, dissipated or any other wishful thinking. What does the Indian situation mean in the bigger pict...

Pakistan’s dangerous third wave

  • In Pakistan, the figures trickle in every morning. The system for collecting the number of dead, new patients, ventilator availability, bed occupation and much else, is an impressive system.  The National Command and Operation Center(NCOC) was rapidly put together to handle COVID-19 logis...

The next steps toward a ‘People’s Vaccine’

  • The Biden administration’s decision last week to stop opposing a proposed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) waiver of certain intellectual property rights under World Trade Organization rules is a welcome move. The Office of the US Trade Representative acknowledged that “the extraordinary circumst...

US must do more to help global vaccination effort

  • The pledge this week by the Biden administration to donate 80 million doses of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccines by the end of June shows the seriousness with which the US government is taking its growing involvement in the worldwide fight against the pandemic. The American donation will...

European Union at a crossroads

  • The run-up to next month’s European Parliament election has been characterized by a stifling tension between pro- and anti-Europeans. Surveys show that the two main political forces, conservatives and social democrats, are still running close (and far ahead of the rest); however the rise of...