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EU committed to closing the vaccination gap

  • By the end of May, only 2.1 percent of Africans will have received at least one dose of a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine. We need to close the vaccination gap between advanced economies and developing countries to avoid what Tedros Ghebreyesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO...

Renaming COVID-19 variants will help fight racism

  • From Aarskog-Scott syndrome to Von Zumbusch psoriasis, generations of clinicians and medical researchers have earned fame, fortune and a kind of immortality through the honor of having the rare disease or disorder they identified named after them. But when an entire region or country finds itse...

Vietnam in strong position despite COVID-19 spike

  • There are interesting events occurring in Vietnam despite what was deemed to be a “world-class effort” in containing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pathogen. The country is experiencing a spike that affects Hanoi’s standing in terms of health capacity versus economic recovery. Some argue th...

Benefits of reopening schools outweigh the risks

  • With the coronavirus pandemic now well into its second year, safely reopening schools has become an urgent priority. School attendance is critical for children’s education and lifetime prospects. The long-term costs of closures — both for individual children and society — are simply too large t...

G7’s baby steps could ultimately lead to progress

  • There could hardly be a more stunning venue for the first major summit of the G7 in more than a year than Cornwall. A few summer days at the beach are a treat even for world leaders and the UK’s Carbis Bay was some backdrop as they met — some for the first time — under the unique hosting skills...

Global herd immunity might be closer than you think

  • When will the world have vaccinated 80 percent of all adults, the level presumed by scientists to produce herd immunity against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)? Most people’s answer is 2023 or 2024, which suggests deep pessimism about the progress of vaccinations outside the rich world. That...

Advanced countries must be proactive in COVID-19 fight

  • The world needs to be careful not to lose focus on the pandemic and new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) variants. Even as the advanced world has decided to turn a corner, there is a requirement to be proactive. Have governments really learned any lessons? Many are still struggling with the patho...

The rich must do more to ensure the poorest get vaccinated

  • One of the most important outcomes of this month’s G7 summit in the UK was that, after more than a year, this group of some of the wealthiest nations in the world finally pledged to donate 1 billion coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to low-income countries. Delayed it may be, but the assistance i...

Proxy terrorism and a campaign against Pakistan's security forces

  • Eleven coal miners were brutally killed in the Machh area of Balochistan last Sunday-- not an unusual incident in a province long known for an insurgency. Also, a region that is conspicuous for its lack of socio-economic development but endeared for having the so-called jewel of the China Pakis...

Military diplomacy creating a favorable international image of Pakistan

  • The recently concluded sixth AMAN biennial multinational naval exercise was a spectacle of deterrence and cooperation to further Pakistan’s strategic interests linked with maritime security.  AMAN-19 was held from February 8 to 12 and involved 46 countries. International warships and ...