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Question of Pakistan's looming food insecurity

  • Like borders, food procurement can become an equally insecure practice if left unguarded.  As a country, we have been working tirelessly on national security without understanding its varying facets, because of which we had to bear with a lopsided defense budget.  Not that we do not r...

Why July 1 will be one of the most important meetings for OPEC+ in some time

  • Who would have thought a little over a year ago on that doomed day in April when WTI went into negative territory, as the pandemic shut down economies and travel alike, that Brent would surpass $75 per barrel? It did so last week. This brings us to the discussion between the bulls and the bea...

Colonial-era privilege is hampering the fight against COVID-19

  • High rates of vaccination and the hot summer weather in the Northern Hemisphere have given many in the West new hope for an end to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It is tempting people to chart new life paths as they get a glimpse of what they believe to be a post-pandemic future. It is an ill...

G20 must act now to vaccinate the world

  • When G20 finance ministers meet in Venice this weekend, they should adopt a plan to immunize the world against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Every vaccine-producing country will be in the room: The US, the UK, the EU, China, Russia and India. Together, they produce enough doses to complet...

This pandemic is far from over

  • As many countries are either coming out of one wave of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections or entering another, there are still major issues with the pandemic around the world. What is becoming clear is that there are mounting new or recurring issues that will affect the trajectory of the...

Multilateralism the best weapon to use against COVID-19

  • The maxim “nobody is safe until everybody is safe” should have been adopted by the international community in its common fight against the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which has disrupted the world. Instead, we have witnessed and sensed distrust, dissent, denial and even conspi...

Russia’s vaccine diplomacy challenges West in Southeast Asia

  • Russia’s vaccine diplomacy is now targeting Southeast Asia in a direct manner. Surging infections have strained this region’s healthcare systems, with countries struggling to roll out vaccination programs as Delta variant cases rise and lockdowns are enforced. Russia sees this as an opportunity...

Tunisia’s COVID-19 crisis a warning for the region

  • In the tumultuous decade following the so-called Arab Spring, one of the few glimmers of hope was Tunisia’s fledgling democracy, in which the aspirations of the many had supplanted the decrepit kleptocracy of the few. The developmental challenges that picked apart the “ancien regime” have, howe...

OPEC+ Eid compromise: All’s well that ends well

  • All’s well that ends well: After two weeks of tussle between OPEC stalwarts and long-time allies Saudi Arabia and the UAE over whether Abu Dhabi should be permitted to increase its baseline from which production cuts are calculated, a pre-Eid grand bargain was reached. OPEC+ will raise its pr...

'Freedom day' goes against science of COVID-19

  • After 16 very long months of repeated lockdowns and restrictions, there is nothing all of us would like to see more than the coronavirus pandemic being confined to history. Who in their right mind would object to resuming our lives as they were before we were so harshly introduced to this letha...