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A tax on robots?

  • Ken makes a decent living operating a large harvester on behalf of farmer Luke. Ken’s salary generates income tax and social security payments that help finance government programs for less fortunate members of his community. Alas, Luke is about to replace Ken with Nexus, a robot that can opera...

Populism at the barrel of a gun?

  • So far, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Polish Law and Justice (PiS) party Chairman Jarosław Kaczynski’s “illiberal” counterrevolution has meant cracking down on the independent judiciary, public media, and — in the case of Orban’s government — even private universities, such as Budap...

Why Europe still needs cash

  • Payment systems in Europe are facing upheaval. With the digital revolution offering ever-faster and more convenient means for settling transactions, cash seems to some to have no future. But to write off the role of banknotes and coins in the economy would be a mistake. Non-cash payment optio...

Embattled May’s options are shrinking

  • It is hard to remember a day since the June 2017 election that went by without leaked reports of Tory plots to oust British Prime Minister Theresa May, bloodcurdling threats if there is no hard Brexit, or accusations of treachery at any hint of backsliding on commitments to exit anything European...

Sports diplomacy fails to mask Kim’s contempt

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is using the Winter Olympic Games to his full advantage by halting the country’s confrontation with the United States. Whether it is just a temporary lull or a hopeful step toward a permanent standing down of hostilities is the question of the day....

Russia looks ahead to life without Putin

  • With the Russian presidential campaign entering the final straight, Vladimir Putin will give his 2018 state-of-the-union address on Thursday. The set-piece speech to parliament, timed days before his certain re-election on March 18, comes as national political attention is increasingly shifting...

South Asian strategic perspectives

  •  “We must preserve strategic autonomy in decision-making processes, and resist the temptation of rich rewards gained by becoming a tool in the great games of big powers in the pursuit of their imperial ambitions”, cautioned former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently, in his addre...

WWE has entertainment and sport in perfect harmony

  • Professional wrestling is a controversial sport. For starters, the idea of two men — often more — trying to beat each other into submission does not exactly have a universal appeal. Unlike its “amateur” variant, known as Greco-Roman wrestling, which is recognized by the International Olympics C...

Russia’s diplomatic play in southern Syria

  • What is happening in and around southern Syria can serve as a good example to understand what Russian diplomacy is and what its capacities are.  The recent sequence of events has seen a declaration by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that all foreign forces should retreat from the ...

Election pains of a polarized America

  • Police tape is viewed around the area outside the Tree of Life Synagogue after a shooting there left 11 people dead in Pittsburgh. With the arrest of Cesar Altieri Sayoc, the suspect in the nationwide bombing campaign against critics of President Donald Trump who mailed more than a doze...