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How Russia’s revolutionaries won the battle but lost the war

  • A century has passed since the Russian Revolution, undoubtedly one of the most momentous events of the 20th century: A revolution that deeply divided the views of an entire generation, and collapsed like pack of cards 70 years later — but not without leaving behind a legacy at home and...

Why vaccination should be a force for global unity

  • The World Health Organization has so far declared only two diseases to be eradicated —  smallpox and rinderpest. It takes years, sometimes a generation, of scientific and social efforts to eliminate a disease, or at least keep it at check. By all accounts, the current coronavirus pandemic ...

'Freedom day' goes against science of COVID-19

  • After 16 very long months of repeated lockdowns and restrictions, there is nothing all of us would like to see more than the coronavirus pandemic being confined to history. Who in their right mind would object to resuming our lives as they were before we were so harshly introduced to this letha...

Is compulsory vaccination a step too far?

  • Desperate times call for desperate measures; the trick is to ensure that the side effects of the measures taken do not worsen the original predicament. There is now a strong sense of understandable desperation among societies and governments in their wish to see off COVID-19, to the extent that...

How Desmond Tutu’s wisdom can help us resolve conflicts

  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who died last month, has left a rich legacy in his struggle for freedom and human rights, but with an unusual toolkit — that of kindness and the power of forgiveness. His immense sense of justice, spirituality and humanity was driven by a deep Christia...

Living with COVID-19 must be guided by science, not politics

  • Skepticism is the almost unavoidable response to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in a number of European countries, with the suspicion being that such moves are more about politicians who would prefer to appease their constituencies rather than follow the science or use their common sense....

The day the post-1945 world order collapsed

  • When Russia’s tanks began rolling into Ukraine late last month, they did not only crush an internationally recognized border and violate the sovereignty of a neighboring country — they also demolished the world order as we have known it since 1945. On Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022, the post-1945 se...

Cyberwarfare brings new element to Israel-Iran confrontation

  • In one of his last public appearances as prime minister, outgoing Israeli Premier Naftali Bennett was unequivocal in his warning to Tehran — immediately after Iran’s state-owned Khuzestan Steel Co. found itself the victim of a major cyberattack — that “if you mess with Israel, you will pay a pr...

Unless govts act, rising cost of living will exact a heavy price

  • There is no escape from the fact that after a prolonged period when price stability was one of the characteristics of the global economy, we have entered a new and volatile era of high inflation and a possible economic slowdown. Due to the unique set of circumstances that is driving this rise ...