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COVID-19 and the moral argument over intellectual property rights

  • We are at a crossroads in the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Despite the historic global vaccination effort that is underway, variants and mutations of the virus keep popping up. This has led to worries that the fight against the pandemic cannot move forward without an extra ...

Colonial-era privilege is hampering the fight against COVID-19

  • High rates of vaccination and the hot summer weather in the Northern Hemisphere have given many in the West new hope for an end to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It is tempting people to chart new life paths as they get a glimpse of what they believe to be a post-pandemic future. It is an ill...

Global South needs vaccines if pandemic is to be defeated

  • Many parts of the developing world continue to struggle to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), even as the West begins to open back up. I live in South Africa, and my family came down with the virus two weeks ago. Of course, it was not such a great surprise, since almost everyone we kno...

Booster shots won’t stop the next COVID-19 variant

  • The delta variant of the coronavirus disease is wreaking havoc around the world and wealthy countries are deploying booster shots as a defense. With remarkable speed, the US has pushed ahead with a plan to offer a third vaccination jab as an attempt to curb the spread within its borders. This r...