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We all have a role in fighting this virus

  • It is lamentable that after two years we are still battling an insidious COVID-19 pandemic as the virus travels far and wide, constantly mutating, and wreaking havoc across the global community. Nations have been critically tested, having to recalibrate their policies and regulations on a reg...

Why this is the year we can defeat the virus

  • This winter may be reminiscent of those dark and precarious months when the COVID-19 pandemic first surfaced and wreaked havoc across the globe. The past two years have been calamitous, with the coronavirus infecting more than 300 million people and claiming the lives of more than 5.5 million...

Science, technology and innovation in the pandemic age

  • In the midst of the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, science, technology and innovation played substantial and impactful roles by responding to the crisis with a suite of solutions, targeting various challenges and expediting the global recovery. Consequently, the pandemic has spurred a serious ...