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Republicans divided on fundamentals of US foreign policy

  •   Gen. Joseph Votel, leader of the US Central Command, last week told a Congressional committee that the political conditions in Afghanistan “don’t merit” a full withdrawal of US troops and warned that Daesh will pose a threat even after its defeat as a territorial entity. Votel’s t...

What the post-pandemic recovery might look like

  • Countries such as Canada, the US, Israel and several European countries, including the UK, have achieved relatively high vaccination rates among adults and are seeing significant declines in coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections. Their populations are now testing what a post-pandemic world ...

Learning lessons from COVID-19 hotspots

  • While coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection rates are declining in some countries with high vaccination rates, many countries continue to struggle with the pandemic. As Colombia nears 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, Latin America is the world’s current hotspot. Meanwhile, some other countries — suc...

Why people seek easy answers

  • We live in a complex world that is constantly changing, but the human brain struggles to cope with so much complexity. This difficulty often leads people to seek easy answers. Though understandable, that tendency creates multiple problems for policy, society, the economy and more — and it is pa...

Leaders and experts must be able to admit: ‘I don’t know’

  • When the world first learned about the omicron variant of COVID-19 last month, there was a lot of pressure on policymakers and communicators to quickly provide clear answers. However, many noted that it would take time before scientists and policymakers have sufficient information about the va...

US politics in 2021: Polarization, the pandemic and the economy

  • The last year in US politics has been both intense and noticeably calmer compared to the Trump administration. President Joe Biden promised a return to more civil, supposedly normal politics. To some extent, he has delivered, avoiding Donald Trump’s intentionally heated rhetoric. However, the c...

America’s mixed response to omicron

  • In a press conference last week, US President Joe Biden defended his administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic during his first year in office. His administration had early success in combating the pandemic, but the delta and now omicron variants badly undermined that initial progress....

Consequences for leaders who break their own pandemic rules

  • Last week, police sent a questionnaire to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding allegations about gatherings at his home and office that violated COVID-19 regulations. The questionnaire is the latest development in a scandal that might oust Johnson from office. Johnson’s case has high...

How COVID-19 reflected and shaped regional differences in US

  • The US is a large country, with regions that have their own subcultures, climates, demographics, economies and politics. COVID-19 affected US regions at different times and in different ways. Those varying experiences have shaped Americans’ views of the pandemic. So far, the US has experienced...