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Can Asia keep the global financial bubble inflated?

  • The final proof, for anybody still requiring it, that financial markets are totally divorced from the everyday world most people inhabit has come in the past week. Call it the Insurrection Boom. As rioters stormed the Capitol in Washington DC last week, the S&P 500 Index down the road in N...

California stays laid-back despite pandemic, environmental challenges

  • When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold, goes the old adage. But it’s equally true that if California is feeling poorly, the rest of the US will also be under the weather. The economy of the Golden State is so big that it is a decisive force in determining the economic wellbe...

OPEC+ unlikely to be swayed from long-term strategy

  • OPEC+, the oil producers’ alliance led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, meets this week for the first test of the new regime put in place at July’s meeting, and which took effect from the first of this month. Despite some background noise and no lack of newsworthy events in August, the smart money ...

World repeating its mistakes on omicron variant

  • Is the cure to omicron, the new COVID-19 variant currently spooking the world, going to be worse than the disease? This question is not coming from some COVID-19 conspiracist, an anti-vaxxer or a mask skeptic. I am fully jabbed up and have obeyed all the official rules on anti-coronavirus meas...

How Dubai rolled the virus dice — and won

  • This time last year, if you believed the Western media, the outlook for Dubai was dire. An “expat exodus” was underway in the emirate, sparked by a pandemic recession that had turned the economy into a “pack of cards” that would collapse at any second under a “mountain of debt,” according to ...

A decisive year looms for US democracy

  • On the first anniversary of the riots in Washington that sought to overturn the election of US President Joe Biden, there are plenty of political experts hypothesizing that 2022 will be a decisive year for American democracy. With midterm elections in November, the US electorate will have its...

When will it be safe to take off our masks?

  • A health expert with a smattering of classical education recently quipped: “It’s a long way from omicron to omega.” She was talking about the likelihood that the omicron variant of the coronavirus would be its last serious manifestation. The World Health Organization began naming variants aft...

Ukraine aside, Biden’s union is increasingly divided

  • According to reports, US President Joe Biden last week hastily rewrote parts of his State of the Union address to take account of events in Ukraine following the Russian invasion. He had planned to use the annual occasion as his springboard for the midterm election campaign that will now gath...