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Sports diplomacy fails to mask Kim’s contempt

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is using the Winter Olympic Games to his full advantage by halting the country’s confrontation with the United States. Whether it is just a temporary lull or a hopeful step toward a permanent standing down of hostilities is the question of the day....

Election pains of a polarized America

  • Police tape is viewed around the area outside the Tree of Life Synagogue after a shooting there left 11 people dead in Pittsburgh. With the arrest of Cesar Altieri Sayoc, the suspect in the nationwide bombing campaign against critics of President Donald Trump who mailed more than a doze...

Japan expanding naval capabilities as challenges increase

  • Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) destroyer Kurama. (Reuters) The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) is expanding its capabilities, allowing for Tokyo to increasingly police maritime waters. This growing proficiency has already been applied both near Japan and fu...

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine

  • The race for a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is on in the ugliest of ways. Since December, scientists around the world have been racing to create the first vaccine against COVID-19, with vaccine trials either starting or poised to begin in the US, China and Europe. Be patient, because the proc...

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un shows military prowess ahead of US election

  • Kim Jong Un makes an address after a military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (Wpk), Oct. 12, 2020. (Reuters) Saturday’s rare nighttime military parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the country's...

Mutations, vaccines and the curve

  • A coronavirus mutation recently discovered in the UK has spread to other countries, including confirmed cases this week in the US, in Denver, Colorado. The emergence of this new strain is raising fresh questions about official approaches to preventing the spread of the pathogen. The mutated v...

Twin Ebola, COVID-19 threats a danger to West Africa

  • News of Ebola re-emerging in West Africa last week on top of the global coronavirus pandemic makes for the perfect toxic mix. West African countries are contending with the pandemic in various ways, with outside help from Europe, the US, China and Russia. It is important to recall the last maj...

It’s too soon to breathe easy over COVID-19

  • It seems fashionable to think the coronavirus crisis is over or is passing into memory thanks to vaccines and new protocols. It is not. The pyres in India are a reminder that COVID-19 is not gone, dissipated or any other wishful thinking. What does the Indian situation mean in the bigger pict...

Vietnam in strong position despite COVID-19 spike

  • There are interesting events occurring in Vietnam despite what was deemed to be a “world-class effort” in containing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pathogen. The country is experiencing a spike that affects Hanoi’s standing in terms of health capacity versus economic recovery. Some argue th...

Advanced countries must be proactive in COVID-19 fight

  • The world needs to be careful not to lose focus on the pandemic and new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) variants. Even as the advanced world has decided to turn a corner, there is a requirement to be proactive. Have governments really learned any lessons? Many are still struggling with the patho...