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Mass protest in Japan against US hybrid aircraft

  • TOKYO: Tens of thousands of people rallied on Japan’s southern island of Okinawa yesterday against the deployment of US Osprey military aircraft after a series of accidents elsewhere involving the planes.Protesters demanded the United States and Japan immediately scrap plans to deploy 12 MV-22...

US: N. Korean rocket launch highly provocative act

  • WASHINGTON: The United States yesterday condemned North Korea’s plan to carry out its second rocket launch of 2012 as a “highly provocative act” that would threaten peace and violate UN sanctions.“A North Korean ‘satellite’ launch would be a highly provocative act that threatens peace and...

New strain of norovirus spreads around the world

  • LONDON: A new strain of the winter vomiting disease norovirus has spread to France, New Zealand and Japan from Australia and is overtaking all others to become the dominant strain in Britain, health officials said yesterday....

UN raises global alarm on spread of ‘designer drugs’

  • VIENNA: The UN drug control agency yesterday sounded the alarm on the spread of designer drugs, which are sold openly and produce legal but sometimes deadly highs, while reporting that global drug use generally remains stable....

Eid holidays prevented bigger toll in Philippines quake

  • LOON, Philippines: Deaths from the central Philippines' magnitude-7.2 earthquake rose to 156 on Thursday and officials say the count could be terrifying if not for the Muslim Eid holidays....

Half of world’s 30 million slaves in India

  • LONDON: Some 30 million people are enslaved worldwide, trafficked into brothels, forced into manual labor, victims of debt bondage or even born into servitude, a global index on modern slavery showed on Thursday....

Malaysia Airlines has one of Asia’s best safety records

  • MUMBAI, India : Malaysia Airlines, the operator of Flight MH370 that went missing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on Saturday, has established a record as one of the Asia-Pacific’s best full-service carriers in terms of safety and service despite some recent financial problems.The Kuala...

Alarming about Ebola

  • 1. Welcome Ebola! Chicken pox seems history and common cold and influenza intrigued man for decades. It’s time now for new viral diseases like avian flu, SARS, MERS, West Nile virus, AIDS and … Ebola.2. What’s Ebola? A hemorrhagic fever caused by one of five different Ebola viruses. It infects...

US proposes effort to analyze DNA from one million people

  • WASHINGTON: The United States has proposed analyzing genetic information from more than 1 million American volunteers as part of a new initiative to understand human disease and develop medicines targeted to an individual’s genetic make-up.At the heart of the initiative, to be announced on Friday...

India flu outbreak claims 700 lives, say officials

  • NEW DELHI: Health authorities were working to ensure remote hospitals in northern and western India had adequate medical supplies for a flu outbreak that has claimed more than 700 lives in 10 weeks.More than 11,000 cases have been reported since mid-December with most of the cases being reported...