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WHO confirms first fatal human case of H5N2 bird flu

  • GENEVA: A person died of bird flu in Mexico in the first confirmed case of a human infected with the H5N2 variant, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. The 59-year old, who died on April 24 after developing fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea and nausea, had “no history of expo...

Bangladesh faces multi-dimensional threat as sea levels rise faster than global average

  • DHAKA: Sea levels in Bangladesh are rising faster than the global average, a new study has found, as officials race to address its multidimensional threats that include the destruction of 17 percent of the country’s lands over the next two decades. With its low-lying geography and location in...
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KSA makes significant strides in protecting digital infrastructure

  • A recent study revealed that Saudi companies are integrating artificial intelligence technologies into their cyberdefenses after incidents of electronic hacking, costing an estimated $588,000 in losses in 2023, according to American company Cisco. While this figure may seem small, global hack...

The US-made helicopter in Iran president’s crash

  • PARIS: The helicopter in the crash that killed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was a US-made Bell 212, a model introduced in 1968 during the Vietnam War and last produced in 1998. Here is what we know about the Bell 212: Brought into service in 1971, the civilian helicopter had a military ve...

Nepal latest to ban Indian spice brands over safety concerns

  • KATMANDU: Nepal has become the latest jurisdiction to ban the import and sale of two popular Indian spice brands after reports that some of their products contained a cancer-causing pesticide, officials said Friday. Hong Kong and Singapore last month banned products from Everest and MDH — two ...

Cricket World Cup coming to New York’s suburbs where sport thrives among immigrants

  • EAST MEADOW, N.Y.: A towering stadium boasting 34,000 seats and a precisely trimmed field of soft Kentucky bluegrass is rising in a suburban New York park that will host one of the world’s top cricket tournaments next month. But on a recent Saturday morning, on the other side of Long Island’s...

The impact of great power competition on militancy

  • As global geopolitics has evolved into the era of competition between the US with China and Russia, militancy and countermilitancy have been de-prioritized. From fighting terrorism, America’s attention and resources have been diverted to contain China and deter resurgent Russia. Still, militanc...

AstraZeneca to withdraw COVID vaccine globally as demand dips

  • AstraZeneca said on Tuesday it had initiated the worldwide withdrawal of its COVID-19 vaccine due to a “surplus of available updated vaccines” since the pandemic. The company also said it would proceed to withdraw the vaccine Vaxzevria’s marketing authorizations within Europe. “As multiple,...

AstraZeneca says withdraws Covid vaccine ‘for commercial reasons’

  • LONDON: British drugmaker AstraZeneca said Wednesday that it has withdrawn its Covid vaccine Vaxzevria, one of the first produced in the pandemic, citing “commercial reasons” and a surplus of updated jabs. “As multiple, variant Covid-19 vaccines have since been developed there is a surplus of ...

US nudges Germany on long-range missiles for Ukraine

  • WASHINGTON: The United States hopes decisions by it and allied countries to send long-range missiles to Ukraine may encourage similar action by Germany, which has so far refused to provide its Taurus missiles, a US official said Thursday. Washington confirmed the day before that it had sent Uk...