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G7’s baby steps could ultimately lead to progress

  • There could hardly be a more stunning venue for the first major summit of the G7 in more than a year than Cornwall. A few summer days at the beach are a treat even for world leaders and the UK’s Carbis Bay was some backdrop as they met — some for the first time — under the unique hosting skills...

Lifting COVID-19 restrictions is a calculated roll of the dice

  • Any snapshot of the global response to COVID-19 would be characterized by vastly differing approaches and regrettably a lack of united purpose. Too often governments adopted their own approach governed by immediate self-interest. Yet more than two years into the pandemic, after endless restric...

Global action offers a cure for Israel’s apartheid variant

  • What to make of 2021 for Palestinians and Israelis?  At many levels, huge changes have altered the political environment, yet where it counts, on the ground, the same inexorable processes have continued. It feels like an alternate reality, but at the beginning of the year, US President D...

How life might change as we live with the pandemic

  • How will we cope if the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is here to stay, at least for the next few years? It is a grim prospect but, given the spread of the virus, the rising number of variants and the unequal vaccination process, it is a future everyone may have to start coming to terms with. H...

Embattled May’s options are shrinking

  • It is hard to remember a day since the June 2017 election that went by without leaked reports of Tory plots to oust British Prime Minister Theresa May, bloodcurdling threats if there is no hard Brexit, or accusations of treachery at any hint of backsliding on commitments to exit anything European...

May soon to become a victim of Tory civil war

  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May. (Getty Images) The most depressing aspect of the withdrawal agreement the British Cabinet in theory agreed last Wednesday is that the Brexit circus could continue until December 2020, and even beyond. The grand theme for the Brexiteers has been the ...

Far-right extremists exploiting division in Brexit Britain

  • Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage attends a March to Leave demonstration in London. (Reuters) Paradise or hell — for many in Brexitland, there is no in between. All the options are still in play in the never-ending story of Brexit. Yet, whatever transpires, whatever compromise or ...

Greater solidarity key to EU’s post-pandemic survival

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a video news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin, Germany, May 18, 2020. (Reuters) The question is being asked: Could the coronavirus pandemic infect the European body politic? Will the symptoms be mild, severe or even ...

An imperfect deal that is far better than no deal

  • A Christmas Eve deal many thought might never come. European and British negotiators have, after nine months, agreed on a mammoth free-trade deal covering a value of £660 billion ($894.76 billion). “The clock is no longer ticking,” declared Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator who has la...

Vaccine diplomacy likely to prolong pandemic suffering

  • Vaccines are arguably the most sought-after currency in the world right now. Huge stockpiles provide those governments that control them the supposed reassurance of being able to vaccinate and placate their weary and frustrated populations. But many have also seen additional side benefits, incl...