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Variant strains mean this pandemic is far from over

  • As with any pathogen like the coronavirus, variants are an expected development. With the coronavirus, the delta variant broke off into a few subtypes, which are being classified as delta+. It arrived in May, and has become the most common variant. There’s no evidence to suggest that delta+ i...

Race against time with virus ‘offspring’ on the rise

  • During a pandemic it is common for variants to emerge, as the global COVID-19 outbreak has shown. The latest to circulate, the so-called mu variant, is causing isolated infections in South America, Europe and the US. Meanwhile, delta variants, including delta plus, continue to produce “offspr...

It’s too soon to breathe easy over COVID-19

  • It seems fashionable to think the coronavirus crisis is over or is passing into memory thanks to vaccines and new protocols. It is not. The pyres in India are a reminder that COVID-19 is not gone, dissipated or any other wishful thinking. What does the Indian situation mean in the bigger pict...

Advanced countries must be proactive in COVID-19 fight

  • The world needs to be careful not to lose focus on the pandemic and new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) variants. Even as the advanced world has decided to turn a corner, there is a requirement to be proactive. Have governments really learned any lessons? Many are still struggling with the patho...

COVID-19’s world tour likely to continue for some time yet

  • As shown by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asking that face mask mandates re-emerge in the US and by lockdowns recurring in China, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to upend politics, economics, society and behavior around the world in ways unseen for generations. T...

Dark clouds gather as pandemic divisions poison atmosphere

  • The fact that global pandemics generally last for at least three years determines the historical truth of what occurs next. There are continuing problems with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that do not bode well for the near term. Subject one is to look at the delta variant and the issue o...

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over

  • Not many people seem to realize that we are not exiting the COVID-19 pandemic — it still exists and is still causing problems. Scotland and England are currently of interest in terms of case numbers that are once again rising. Meanwhile an outbreak in China is hurting the country’s economy at w...

Vietnam in strong position despite COVID-19 spike

  • There are interesting events occurring in Vietnam despite what was deemed to be a “world-class effort” in containing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pathogen. The country is experiencing a spike that affects Hanoi’s standing in terms of health capacity versus economic recovery. Some argue th...

This pandemic is far from over

  • As many countries are either coming out of one wave of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections or entering another, there are still major issues with the pandemic around the world. What is becoming clear is that there are mounting new or recurring issues that will affect the trajectory of the...

Learning the lessons of Australia’s lockdowns

  • Australia’s latest COVID-19 outbreak illustrates that no country is exempt from the effects of the fast-spreading global pathogen. After 13 months, Canberra, the Australian capital, is back in lockdown. According to Canberra authorities, the current outbreak is the most serious risk to public s...