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Boris Johnson and other leaders must heed the lessons of lockdown

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent warning that the lifting of England’s current third lockdown will be no “great open sesame,” despite a fall in infections and the encouraging progress of the country’s coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination program, should come as no surprise to anyo...

G7 has to go down difficult road on vaccines

  • Recognizing that “no one is safe until everyone is safe,” the G7 last week announced additional steps to facilitate more “affordable and equitable access to vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics” globally to combat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). But translating stated intent into effecti...

Latin America’s rising right

  • From changes in government in Argentina and Brazil to mid-course policy corrections in Chile, Latin American politics appears to be undergoing a rightward shift. But rather than being “pulled” by the attractiveness of the economic policies that the right is advocating, this complex phenomenon is...

Mishandled vaccine rollout exacerbating West’s credibility crisis

  • The proper functioning of any interconnected economic system depends on trust. And a global system that has been designed by advanced economies requires a significant level of buy-in from the developing world. Both become even more important as more developing economies, led by China, gain syst...

Taming the stagflationary winds

  • A stream of recent data suggests that the global economy is showing signs of stagflation, that odd 1970s-style mixture of rising inflation and declining growth. Those who have noticed it — and there are still too few of them — fall into two broad camps. Some see the phenomenon as temporary, and...

Winter of discomfort looms as economic pressures grow

  • The start of 2022 has been marked by a deepening sense of unease. But not just within governments as they confront challenges relating to health, the economy, geopolitics and, in some cases, national and financial security. Households and a wide range of companies are feeling it, too. All have ...