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“Ransomware” cyberattack cripples hospitals across England

  • LONDON: A large cyberattack crippled computer systems at hospitals across England on Friday, with appointments canceled, phone lines down and patients turned away. Britain’s National Health Service said hospitals were hit by an apparent “ransomware” attack, but there was no immediate evidence ...

’Smart speakers’ are angling to colonize your living room

  • NEW YORK: Does your home really need a “smart speaker” that can answer questions, call you an Uber, turn off the lights or play music when you ask? You may be about to find out.Two years ago, Amazon introduced the Amazon Echo, an unassuming, $180 cylinder that sits atop a kitchen counter or...

‘Worrying’ new coronavirus variant detected in UK

  • LONDON: A new coronavirus variant has been detected in the UK, with scientists warning that a surge in new testing is crucial to prevent its spread. The B1525 variant contains an alarming set of new mutations, experts have said. It is the subject of a study by University of Edinburgh research...

‘We need vaccines now’: African singers urge donations

  • ABUJA: Popular African singers Angelique Kidjo and Davido on Monday called on G20 leaders scheduled to meet later this month to urgently donate coronavirus vaccines to the continent. In an open letter published by UNICEF, a group of influencers warned that only four percent of the continent’s ...

‘Very wrong decision’:Karachi Eat festival to be held this week despite COVID-19 surge

  • KARACHI: The Karachi Eat food festival will be held on Friday this week despite a surge in coronavirus infections in the port city, organizers and provincial health authorities said on Monday as experts warned against holding the event amid a steady rise in cases, driven by the omicron var...

‘Variant-proof’ COVID-19 vaccine produced in UK

  • LONDON: A “variant-proof” vaccine produced in Britain has received millions in funding in the hope that it can defeat COVID-19 and future coronaviruses. Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the technological breakthrough posed by the vaccine, which he said is part of the “next generation of v...

‘Thank god’: British-Pakistanis excited to return to families after UK lifts travel restrictions

  • ISLAMABAD: A British-Pakistani, who arrived in Islamabad in July to see his ailing mother but could not return to London due to the UK government’s travel restriction on Pakistan, said on Saturday he anxiously wanted to hold his daughter once again. Imran Niazi had to leave his wife and daught...

‘Strategy’ won’t beat the virus — logistics will

  • For those who have lived through 2020, the rollout of coronavirus vaccines as that terrible year came to an end was a welcome glimpse of what seemed to be light at the end of a very dark tunnel — the product of unprecedented global cooperation by scientists, microbiologists, virologists, and ph...

‘Steady as she goes’ OPEC+ policy rewarded by oil markets

  • When OPEC+ takes decisions, markets move. Many analysts were surprised that OPEC+ stayed the course at last Thursday’s ministerial meetings and continued increasing output by 400,000 bpd according to its schedule. Markets liked what they saw: After initially losing ground, oil prices rose ste...

‘Spider-Man’ surpasses $1bn globally in second weekend

  • DUBAI: Peter Parker’s good fortune continued over the holiday weekend. Even with some mighty competition from new Matrix and Sing movies, and rising concerns over the omicron variant, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” stayed in the No. 1 spot and netted a few more milestones too including crossing the...