RIYADH: Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) President Prince Sultan bin Salman believes that the tourism sector is capable of turning the unemployment equation in the Kingdom upside down by creating a large number of job opportunities.
“These expectations are based on many studies on domestic tourism’s prospective growth in light of the heavy turnout by citizens toward employment in the sector, which has made it the second most important sector in terms of Saudization in the Kingdom,” Prince Sultan underlined.
The SCTA president made this comment recently at the ceremony of the “Saudi Excellence in Tourism Award 2015” here at the National Museum.
He pointed out that the commission believes that the most important element in tourism lies in the development of human resources. Therefore, there is a plan to create thousands of jobs as tourism is one of the most important sectors in creating jobs which can directly benefit citizens.
“We do not intend to expand domestic tourism and recruit employees from other countries at the expense of the Saudi citizen; rather we seek to make our people qualified and capable of taking up tourism jobs and making a difference in society,” he underlined.
“For this purpose, SCTA works in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, the Human Resource Development Fund, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, tourism colleges and other relevant authorities,” he added.

Mon, 2015-05-18 02:44
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