The Six: Traditional beauty tricks, from bat’s blood to mayonnaise

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Updated 27 September 2018

The Six: Traditional beauty tricks, from bat’s blood to mayonnaise

  • These traditional beauty hacks are not your average spa treatment
  • Allegedly each hack has a benefit to our appearance

DUBAI: From bat’s blood to mayonnaise, these traditional beauty hacks from the region are certainly not your average spa treatment and while we don’t recommend you try these without a medical professional’s go-ahead, they are well-worth a read.

Bat’s Blood

It’s possibly an old wives’ tale, but it is said that if you rub bat’s blood on a new born child they will not grow hair, even into adulthood. This one is particularly well-known in Lebanon.


Using mayonnaise as a hair mask treatment is said to have various benefits for your hair, including stimulating hair growth and making it soft and shiny.

Chamomile and lemon

A longstanding hack to make your hair naturally lighter is to mix some chamomile, lemon and water together and sit in the sun for a couple of hours. Does it work? Results vary, but it gives you an excuse to top up your tan!


Labneh is said to have a cooling effect when your skin is sunburnt.

Olive oil

Pure olive oil is said to have a great effect on the skin, keeping it balanced and moisturized.


Many from the Indian subcontinent swear by a paste of turmeric, sandalwood and milk to keep skin bacteria-free and acne-free, as well as balance out uneven skin tone.

Kylie Jenner, Naomi Campbell and more celebrities pray for Lebanon

Updated 05 August 2020

Kylie Jenner, Naomi Campbell and more celebrities pray for Lebanon

DUBAI: On Tuesday, a massive explosion ripped through the port area of Beirut, killing at least 73 people and injuring thousands. The giant blast, which was felt 264 km away in Cyprus, sent shockwaves throughout the city, shattering windows and blowing off balconies on apartment buildings. The mushroom-like explosion caused widespread damage, destroying much of the capital. The ateliers of renowned Lebanese designers have been decimated, including Maison Rabih Kayrouz and Ralph Masri’s flagship stores. 


The horrifying explosion occurred during the country’s worst economic crisis in its recent history, and the Lebanese people need all of the help that they can possibly get at this time, which is why several Lebanese and non-Lebanese figures have taken to their social media accounts to raise awareness about the devastating event.


Using her massive platform for a good cause is US beauty mogul Kylie Jenner, who shared a video of the blast and a link to donate on her Instagram Stories. “Wow wow. Prayers for Lebanon,” she wrote alongside a series of praying hands emojis. 

British supermodel Naomi Campbell posted a string of throwbacks of herself in Downtown Beirut, including one where she is holding up the Lebanese flag. “My thoughts, prayers and love go out to the people of Lebanon and their families. My memories of downtown of how I will remember it,” she captioned the images. The model also posted a donation link on her Instagram bio. 

Also urging their fans to help Lebanon as much as they can was Albanian-British hitmaker Dua Lipa. The “Physical” singer took to her Instagram Stories to post several infographics about ways to help the country. 


“This is absolutely devastating! What is happening in Beirut? Friends, please let me know your loved ones are safe!” she captioned a video of the explosion. 

In another post, she urged her 49.8 million followers to donate blood if they are able to. “Please if you are able and healthy to donate blood please do! Beirut needs your help. There are people in critical conditions!” 


Lebanese-Australian model Jessica Kahawaty, Lebanese blogger Karen Wazen, Moroccan-Egyptian catwalk star Imaan Hammam and model Bella Hadid also used their platforms to raise awareness. 

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My Lebanon. I don’t how much more my heart can handle. Today, 6:05pm, I lived the most terrifying minutes of my entire life. Hiding behind a wall as the entire building started shaking and the house glass exploded all around; then running from a room to another to find my son. Calling a number after another to locate my family. God saved us, I am grateful to be alive. Tonight, I can’t stop crying as I feel helpless for my country, for the people. I pray for everyone touched by this terrible situation. Now, we can only dream that one day we will wakeup to a better nation. Rebuild this land. And heal the wounds. Even if at this stage, I don’t really know what can heal us. We need to act fast to save and help everyone in need at this second. Please check my stories to see how you can help and whoever has urgent information to share, please be in touch. To everyone abroad, please donate for Lebanon, link in my bio. Allah yerham every single soul we lost today and I send prayers and courage to all the medical teams; only you can save us. May God give you the strength To everyone who can donate blood, please do, there are numbers for blood banks in each city. And whoever is close to a hospital, head there now, we NEED you. Also, check @locatevictimsbeirut to localize victims and @open_houses_lebanon to find a home tonight/or to share any space you can also lend as a home to the ones who lost their roofs today. God save Lebanon يا رب #prayforlebanon #lebanon #godsavelebanon #beirut

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