Royal decree allocates 9 billion riyals for employees affected by coronavirus repercussions

  • Citizens can apply for compensation in April and payment will start at the beginning of May
By Arab News ·


It was Russia, not Saudi Arabia, that pulled out of OPEC+ deal: Saudi ministers

  • Saudi foreign and energy ministers say Moscow's claim that Kingdom withdrew from the OPEC+ deal was unfounded
  • They said it was Russia that abandoned the agreement, leading to a collapse in world oil prices
By Arab News ·

Saudi Arabia announces 4 more deaths, 154 new cases of coronavirus

  • Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry implemented a 24-hour curfew in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah on Thursday to limit the spread of coronavirus
By Arab News ·

High demand but no shortages in Saudi supermarkets

  • Commerce Ministry dealing with us closely to make sure people are getting what they want, says Danube co-founder
By Rashid Hassan ·


Palestinian minister claims Israeli police physically abused him

  • East Jerusalem — with a population of 350,000 — has been all but ignored by the Israeli Ministry of Health in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic
By Daoud Kuttab ·


Seoul endorses aid to North Korea for coronavirus

  • According to the Unification Ministry, South Korea is committed to spending about $5.7 million on aid to North Korea this year
By Jeff Sung ·

COVID-19 not reducing Mexico crime

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Rohingya fear hunger more than coronavirus in India

By Sanjay Kumar ·


Virtual oil summit planned amid ongoing market volatility

  • Meeting follows call from Saudi Arabia for urgent meeting and telephone diplomacy between Kingdom, Russia and the US
By Frank Kane ·