Lebanon's Hariri agrees reforms amid nationwide protests over economic crisis

  • Hariri gave his feuding coalition partners a 72-hour deadline on Friday to agree to reforms that could ward off economic crisis, hinting he may otherwise resign
  • The agreement was reached as hundreds of thousands of protesters flooded the streets
By Reuters ·

Turkey accused of using illegal phosphorus munitions in Syria

  • Reports are credible, expert tells Arab News
  • Hospitals report spike in burns victims
By Arab News ·

US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq: defense chief Esper

  • Esper did not rule out the idea that US forces would conduct counterterrorism missions from Iraq into Syria
  • US troops were continuing to pull out of northern Syria after Turkey’s invasion into the border region
By AP ·

‘Dare to dream,’ football hero Thierry Henry tells Saudi fans

  • Fans got up close and personal with the former champion during a segment called the lightning round, where Henry had to answer questions in 10 seconds

Egypt to press for outside mediator in Ethiopia dam dispute

  • Egyptian officials said they had suggested the World Bank as a fourth party mediator
  • Ethiopia has denied that three-way talks are stalled, accusing Egypt of trying to sidestep the process
By AFP ·

Donald Trump Jr.: provocateur, master preacher for father

  • The son has become the prime warmup act for the father at political rallies
  • He has not shied away from the spotlight or criticism


Jubilant cheers as Dubai begins one-year countdown to Expo 2020

  • Dubai prepares for eye-catching countdown on Burj Khalifa
  • Live performances from singer Mariah Carey and acclaimed Emirati singer and Expo 2020 ambassador Hussain Al-Jassmi
By Arab News ·

Mohamed Salah misses Liverpool trip to Man Utd, Alisson Becker returns

  • “Mo was not ready,” Klopp told Sky Sports.
  • Alisson has recovered from a calf injury to take his place in goal
By AFP ·

Bangladesh police say violence over Facebook post kills 4

  • The violence took place Sunday in Borhanuddin in the southern district of Bhola when angry protesters demanded the punishment of a Hindu man for the alleged Facebook comment
  • The man denied making the comment, saying his Facebook account had been hacked
By AP ·