Lebanese dance group Mayyas stun ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audience 

Mayyas won 2019’s “Arab’s Got Talent.” (YouTube)
Updated 17 September 2019

Lebanese dance group Mayyas stun ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audience 

The winners of 2019’s “Arab’s Got Talent” competition once again wowed TV audiences at “Britain’s Got Talent” with their superb synchronized moves during the third round of auditions this week.

The Lebanese dancers are a group of 31 all-female performers aged 13 to 25.

“The fact that we are female is something big, especially that we come from the Middle East,” one of the group members said in a pre-recorded back stage interview that was aired as the troupe took their place on stage. “It was very cool to see people from our country appreciate dance.”

The dance crew performed to the classic Arabic song “Enta Omry” by the renowned Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum.

“We are super excited to be here. It’s such a huge honor for us to be able to perform in the UK,” one of the group members added in the video.

The group’s show-stopping dance earned them a lengthy standing ovation from the judges.

“It was absolutely magical… I can totally see why you won ‘Arab’s Got Talent’,” judge and actor David Walliams told the group.

“You are a fantastic representation of ‘Arab’s Got Talent’,” judge Amanda Holden added. 

What We Are Reading Today: Free for Life by Christopher Lee Maher

Updated 17 October 2019

What We Are Reading Today: Free for Life by Christopher Lee Maher

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