Feature film ‘Champions’ begins shooting in Jeddah

The crew kicked off filming this week. (Supplied)
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Updated 25 February 2020

Feature film ‘Champions’ begins shooting in Jeddah

DUBAI: Feature film “Champions” began shooting in Jeddah this week, with filming scheduled for seven consecutive weeks. 

The 90-minute film, helmed by Oscar-winning producer Andrés Vicente Gómez and directed by Manuel Calvo, tells the story of an assistant coach in Saudi Arabia’s top football league called Khaled.

After an outburst, Khaled loses his job and begins to coach a group of players with intellectual disabilities. The film will follow the lead character as he struggles with his new role.

Starring Yasser Al-Saggaf, the host of MBC’s “The Voice,” alongside Fatima Al-Banawi of “Barakah Meets Barakah” fame, the film will also feature Jeddah-based people with intellectual disabilities.

A crew of 90 film professionals from Saudi Arabia and Spain will film in various locations across Jeddah before filming moves to Dubai.

Omani fashion label donates face masks in COVID-19 fight

The Omani label will be donating face masks to those that need them most. Instagram
Updated 07 April 2020

Omani fashion label donates face masks in COVID-19 fight

DUBAI: Omani womenswear label Amal Al-Raisi is the latest fashion house to join the fight against COVID-19. The fashion designer behind the eponymous brand has announced that she will be using deadstock fabric to manufacture and distribute reusable face masks. She will be producing approximately 200 masks per week and giving these out free of charge with online orders and distributing them to organizations in Oman that help those in need.

Major fashion and beauty brands have stepped up to help curb the spread of the infectious disease. 

The LVMH factory has started making hand sanitizer; Burberry is funding research for a single-dose vaccine currently underway at the University of Oxford and US-based hijab company Haute Hijab is providing headscarves to the female healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.