Netflix’s ‘Love Wedding Repeat:’ Plot crumbles despite an impressive cast

‘Love Wedding Repeat’ is now streaming on Netflix. (Supplied)
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Updated 13 April 2020

Netflix’s ‘Love Wedding Repeat:’ Plot crumbles despite an impressive cast

CHENNAI: How often have we wished that we could rewind our lives and do things over? Screenwriter-director Dean Craig gives us precisely this scenario in his latest Netflix offering, “Love Wedding Repeat.”

Craig takes us to a wedding and reception in a beautiful Italian villa where the gorgeous bride, Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson), is happy but deeply troubled by the thought of her ex Marc (Jack Farthing) turning up to destroy everything — especially considering a recent mishap. Hayley’s husband-to-be, Roberto (Tiziano Caputo), is deliriously oblivious of all this.

When Marc turns up uninvited, Hayley seeks her brother, Jack’s (Sam Claflin), help to make sure her big day is everything she had hoped for.

In the meantime, Jack is trying to cosy up to Dina (Olivia Munn), a war correspondent he met in Rome three years ago. But here again there is a spoilsport in Amanda (Freida Pinto), once Jack’s lover who now hates him and is bent on creating trouble. 



Midway, Craig turns the tables and alternate versions of the same wedding unfold again and again with different outcomes.

“Love Wedding Repeat” has a great star cast led by Claflin and follows a similar plot to French work, “Plan de Table.” The English-language take is witty at times and may be a fun way to pass one’s time during self-isolation, but beyond some memorable performances by Pinto and Claflin the film does not really take off — especially once events start repeating themselves.  

It’s trying to be a multi-layered wedding cake, but the plot crumbles in the second half and leads to a set of rather tame and cliched endings. This is not a rom-com in the true sense of the genre, audiences will not be left feeling cheerful and gooey inside. Rather, it’s a 100-minute exercise in forcing farce that misses the mark.

Craig wrote the amusing “Death at a Funeral,” but appears to have slipped tackling Francis Nief’s work. “Love Wedding Repeat” begins with a bang in a magnificent manor, but ends in a whimper.

Russ’s Dubai concert postponed again

Updated 14 August 2020

Russ’s Dubai concert postponed again

DUBAI: US rapper and producer Russ’s Dubai concert, which was set to take place on Nov. 27, has been postponed for the second time, organizers said Friday.

The concert, which is now expected to happen in 2021, was initially scheduled to take place on March 27 at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena, but was postponed to November over coronavirus fears.

Organizers tweeted that ticket holders would receive a full refund within 21 working days.

The new date is yet to be announced.