Parents face ethical quagmire to protect daughter in ‘The Lie’

Joey King (left) stuns in ‘The Lie.’ Supplied
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Updated 12 October 2020

Parents face ethical quagmire to protect daughter in ‘The Lie’

CHENNAI: To protect one’s child is perhaps the most overriding of human instincts and writer-director Veena Sud offers an incisive account of this in her tightly edited and gripping “The Lie,” part of Blumhouse’s horror anthology now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The film opens with divorced father Jay (Peter Sarsgaard) and his 15-year-old daughter, Kayla (Joey King), driving across a desolate, snowy landscape on the way to a weekend retreat hosted by her ballet school. Kayla spots her friend Brittany (Devery Jacobs) at a bus stop and begs her father to let her ride with them. There is some hesitation on Jay’s face – a premonition of what is to come — but he asks his daughter’s friend to hop in the car. 

The film stars Joey King, Peter Sarsgaard and Devery Jacobs. Supplied

The English-language remake of the 2015 German drama “We Monsters” then follows the trio as Kayla and Brittany wander off into the forest a little way later so the latter can find somewhere to relieve herself. Tension builds and Jay hears a scream, only to find Kayla sitting on a fence overlooking an angry, swollen river before she admits to pushing Brittany into the freezing water, probably killing her.

Jay is faced with a stark choice — go to the police or pretend as if nothing happened, after all, nobody saw them pick Brittany up. Wracked by guilt, Kayla lashes out over the course of the bitterly bleak film and things get worse when Brittany’s father comes to Kayla’s house looking for his missing daughter.

“The Lie” is one of the eight films produced by Blumhouse as a horror series under the banner, “Welcome to Blumhouse.” Supplied

Kayla’s mother, Rebecca (Mireille Enos), blurts out the titular lie in her panic and things spiral out of control.

It’s a study in just how far into the realm of the unethical parents can go to save their children —particularly unsettling is the way they try to cast suspicion on Brittany’s father, who is of South Asian origin.

With top-notch performances — especially King’s, who displays the angst of being caught between her conscience and a prison term with believability — “The Lie” is one of the eight films produced by Blumhouse as a horror series under the banner, “Welcome to Blumhouse.”

Where We Are Going Today: Magnolia Bakery

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Where We Are Going Today: Magnolia Bakery

If you are in Riyadh, bored with studying at home and looking for a quiet place where you can stay for hours with guaranteed good coffee and goodies, then you will certainly enjoy Magnolia Bakery and cafe.
Magnolia is a famous chain of bakeries founded in New York City in 1996. It has a cozy European vintage style, offering a wide variety of classic American desserts.
Mention Magnolia Bakery and perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the fresh daily baked cupcakes.
The extra-fluffy vanilla cupcakes are a treat for the eyes and tastebuds — with their simply decorated pastel colors that will take you back to childhood with the first bite and which are topped with the tastiest buttercream and sprinkles.
The cafe is also known for its signature banana pudding, a tasty mix of custard, mashed banana and cake.
The bakery is more than just an ordinary cafe experience. The interior, vibes and cake display are just like Europe’s corner cafes. As you walk in the place smells of fresh cakes, and all the delicious desserts on offer will make you feel like you are in the middle of a festival.
From classic music to the comfortable chairs, this is the perfect spot on the Riyadh Front to work from. The bakery will open its first branch in Jeddah by 2021.