STC prepaid roaming services at low prices

STC has launched Sawa roaming, described as the first prepaid SIM card for international roaming services across the Middle East.
The offer is at low prices, up to 80 per cent in some cases.
STC sees this as the company's strategy to provide services, which exceed the customers' desires and expectations.
STC has launched this service to benefit customers who take a number of trips outside the Kingdom.
This service is considered as a better economic alternative aiming to allow customers to save on their travel expenses.
Without this service, customers depended on buying and selling local SIMs of countries they visited.
The SAWA service and lower costs for roaming will save time, effort and money for customers.
STC's services have always been characterized by high quality and efficiency, transparency and clarity.
STC launched Sawa Roaming for the prepaid SIM card for SR 299, with additional benefits such as SR 25 free credit, 100 minutes for calls, 5MB Internet and BlackBerry service, and 100 SMS roaming.
This offers a comprehensive roaming coverage internationally without the need to choose a favorite operator.
The package also provides customers with the connect me service (*140*) in order to make calls while they are roaming in case of unavailability of prepaid service calling in a destination country.
SAWA roaming will be made available to customers who use recharged local VIVA SIM cards in both Bahrain and Kuwait without any further charges.
STC's Internet package is available without limits to prepaid customers.
This is equal to the local weekly charge of SR 99 covering 12 countries in the region.
The activation code for this service is 55.
STC also started Extra service with a speed up to 1GB for SR 299 weekly charges, which includes 40 countries.
The activation code for this service is 6320.
The prepaid card for Internet and BlackBerry service up to 100MB is at a weekly charge of SR 70.
The activation code for this service is 66322.
Customers can send the activation code of their suitable package to number 902.