Hunter Douglas QuadroClad panels set new standards

Recent fires in high-rise buildings in Dubai and its neighboring states have cost lives and caused considerable damage.
It turns out insulation materials used in the façade cladding fueled the fires, while falling façade panels, still burning, caused a lot of danger at street level. The incidents have led authorities to toughen fire safety regulations.
The only façade panels that can stand up to the new requirements are Hunter Douglas’ QuadroClad panels.
The QuadroClad panels are delivered by Hunter Douglas as a complete fire-resistant façade system.
Fire analyzes have brought to light the vulnerability of the façade cladding, among other things.
While the panels themselves are usually made of aluminum, the insulation material is usually synthetic and contributes to the spreading of fire.
With its QuadroClad product, Hunter Douglas has for many years manufactured and supplied a sustainable, ventilated façade cladding system that can stand up to the highest requirements in terms of fire resistance, fire spread and fire flashover.
Both the skins and the core of the QuadroCladpanels are made entirely of aluminum.
The system was tested in 2011 in Germany according to Europeannorm EN 13501, obtaining an A2 fire safety classification.
This means the panels are non-flammable and do not fuel fire.
As far as smoke development is concerned — a factor that can cause even more casualties than fire does — the QuadroClad system scored an impressive Class S1 (very low smoke development).
On top of this, tests have proven that the panels do not produce any ‘burning droplets’ (Class d0: no droplets).
Hunter Douglas’ QuadroClad — including its suspension system — has been fully tested and approved. This means the A2, S1and d0 classifications apply to the entire system, offering top-of-the-market fire safety.