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New Zealand FM sent to Turkey to confront Erdogan over Christchurch comments

  • Erdogan has twice screened excerpts of video footage of the New Zealand mosque attack
  • The Turkish president says New Zealand should change laws so the attacker can be harshly punished
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Netanyahu and Pompeo vow to counter Iranian aggression

  • Netanyahu said Trump’s pressure on Israel’s main enemy Iran was already having an effect
  • Netanyahu reiterated his pledge to keep Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria
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Funerals held for father and son killed in New Zealand mosque attack after fleeing Syria

  • Funerals of Khalid Mustafa, 44, and Hamza Mustafa, 15, came five days after a white supremacist methodically gunned down 50 worshippers
  • Hamza’s younger brother, Zaed, 13, who was wounded in the attack, attended the ceremony in his wheelchair
By AP ·

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Motherly advice from Dr. Thoraya Obaid

  • n an exclusive interview for Mother’s Day in the Arab world, the woman who paved the way for a new generation of Saudi women shares her life lessons
  • ‘Have faith in Allah, and believe in yourself and that you were created to bring good to the world,’ she advises


Algeria tensions: Governing party chief backs protesters

  • Moab Bouchareb told a meeting of party leaders that the party “supports the popular movement”
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Bosnians welcome UN verdict against Karadzic

  • ‘He should never be allowed to go free,’ Bosnian diplomat tells Arab News
  • Families of victims who traveled to The Hague hailed the verdict
By Arab News ·


Permian shale output closes gap with Saudi Arabia as rig count doubles, confirming US’ powerhouse status

  • Exxon’s 1.6 million acres in the Permian means it can approach the field as a “megaproject”
  • The majors’ Permian investments position the field to compete with Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil-producing region
By Reuters ·


A HAT-TRICK OF HOPES: What the UAE and Saudi Arabia should be looking for from their friendly

  • Can the Whites and Green Falcons find the back of the net more often?
  • Both teams need to set the tone ahead of the important World Cup qualifiers.
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Google fined $1.7bn for search ad blocks

  • Google received three fines in the past two years
  • EU Commission says Google has been blocking competitors for the past ten years
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