Chickens coming home to roost

British Home Secretary Theresa May’s jaw-dropping comments the other day that an influx of migrants into England would make it impossible to build a “cohesive society” is enough to make one’s head spi

A new vision for the World Bank

Finance ministers, central bankers, and development economists are gathering in Lima, Peru, for the World Bank’s annual meetings, where the debate will focus on how the institution’s agenda fits our c

Creating space for Arabs at India’s Africa summit

INDIA’s relations with the Arab world are growing by leaps and bounds. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a fine example of India’s rapid advancements in its Look-West policy.

UK Conservatives fire early shots

CONSERVATIVE MPs have already begun the debate over the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, reopening old divisions that once nearly sank the party.

The weather is good for killing

War is bizarre. We know that and we also know that it is demeaning, dehumanizing and there are no winners.

Saudi-UAE coalition and the region’s new equation

The Arab world now stands in need of a compass to point it on its way.

New uprising will hurt Netanyahu, Abbas

It was perhaps inevitable that the situation in the West Bank and the old city of Jerusalem would deteriorate quickly; raising questions among Palestinians and Israelis alike whether a third intifada

The speech US prefers to forget

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military intervention in Syria portends ‘war without end,’ proclaimed a headline the other day in Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

The quest for elusive peace

After months of confrontation along the border, India and Pakistan took their face-off to a new level at the UN General Assembly session.

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