Houthis’ startling capture of Sanaa

I write this week from New York, where the capture of Yemen’s capital Sanaa by Houthi rebels on Sept. 21 has become a major topic of discussion.

Proactively protecting customers

Saudi retailers are not particularly sophisticated when it comes to customer relations and loyalty.

Is it end of road for Jaya?

It can happen only in a vibrant democracy like India. It takes decades for a politician to build his/her political career but only a few minutes for courts to destroy it.

Remove the saltshaker from table

Parents, take note: There is a serious health risk lurking in your homes to which your children are being exposed daily — a commonplace household ingredient that features in most meals: Salt.

No light at the end of tunnel

Months after the collapse of US-led efforts to advance Middle East peace, experts say Palestinians and Israelis have finally agreed on at least one thing — further talks would be futile.

Saudi-UAE pact a ray of hope for region

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s strategic plan to cooperate more closely on the economic, political and social fronts is a ray of hope for a region whose prospects have been gloomy to say the least.

Defending our borders

Since the establishment of modern day Saudi Arabia on Sept.

Modi is not India

Among the 18,500 people who behaved like cheerleaders for Narendra Modi during his theatrics last Sunday at New York’s Madison Square Garden, not one person would be able to defend the controversial I

More than airstrikes needed to defeat IS

It has been more than a week since five Arab countries joined the US-led coalition in bombing Islamic State (IS) targets in both Syria and Iraq.

The politics of fear

People anywhere in the world who claim not be profoundly disturbed by the self-publicized actions of the group of combatants that calls itself Islamic State (IS) provide considerable cause for concern

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