Whither the Mideast after ISIS defeat?

There was drama aplenty at the Arabian Gulf and Regional Challenges Conference in Riyadh last week with officials at each other's throats over the current state of the Middle East, including the appro

Time to widen scope of anti-IS operation

I write this week from New York, where the focus of many meetings this year at the United Nations is on fighting terrorism, in particular how to defeat the so-called Islamic State (IS).

Politics and flood control

At a time when the Sharif government is still facing a tsunami of protesters in Islamabad, massive floods have swept through Pakistan once again.

Patterns of gender crimes

Earlier this month, in a report highlighting the “staggering extent” of the victimization of young people across the world, the UNICEF noted that about one in 10 girls experience serious sexual violen

Learning from the Scots

Exactly what motivated the Scots to ask for total independence from the United Kingdom remains a mystery.

Freedom is just another word

Friendship is like a china bowl,Precious, costly and rare.Once broken can be mendedBut the crack is always there.

Burning down the house

What does it take to generate a global response to a global threat?

IS goes on the back foot

The monsters running amok in Iraq and Syria identify themselves as Muslims, although their actions show they are anything but. At last this oxymoronic reality has been recognized by a western nation.

Trade-driven dragon cozying up to India

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s three-day visit to India, the main leg of a recent tour of Central and South Asia, sheds new light on China’s emerging approach to its neighbors, particularly Asia’s oth

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