Rethinking the war on Daesh

As much of the Middle East sinks deeper into division between competing political camps, the terror outfit, Daesh, continues its unhindered march toward a twisted version of a Muslim caliphate.

Gulf-US ties a mistake?

The US administration’s deal with Iran regarding its nuclear program, which ends sanctions and paves way for openness with Iran, was viewed by some as a mean move by Washington against its old allies

Scrap the veto-power

A United National Security Council (UNSC) overhaul is long overdue.

What awaits the next Philippine president?

One of my favorite people in the world sat across me, sipping coffee in a café that he owns, on the top floor of a mall that he started.

Obama gives Kenyans hopes of change

THE crowd was always going to be onside, but US President Barack Obama was in typically inspirational form when he visited Kenya this weekend, the country where his father was born.

Time to act

This refers to the news, “OIC condemns Israeli desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” (July 17)

Israel’s war crimes

Israel’s recent actions, including attempts to discredit victims’ families and eyewitnesses, deliberately targeting civilians and pursuing a policy of collective punishment, epitomize the repression a

Crumbling the truce

In continuation with our column yesterday, the spurning of the truce is regrettable.

Valor and loyalty of Saudi soldiers

It has been a few months since the start of operation Decisive Storm that was launched to bring peace to Yemen and rid it of Houthi rebels who wanted to cause chaos in the country and even threatened

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