Mideast elite’s indifference

A few weeks ago, the US Supreme Court, the highest federal court in the United States, turned away an appeal by thousands of Sept.

Nothing going right for Congress

Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. Nothing sums up the current predicament of the India’s Congress party better than this famous John F Kennedy quote.

Putin’s tipping point?

When incompetence in the Kremlin turns murderous, its incumbents can begin to tremble.

Seeking the plane truth

The least indecent course of action for whoever shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine last Thursday would obviously have been to acknowledge their culpability for what was in all probab

Unfair stereotyping of Saudi women

There's been a debate among folks during Ramadan that the popular television shows aired during the holiday have unfairly maligned Saudi women with jokes about their spending, eating habits, gossiping

How many Palestinians left

How far into the woods do you go before you start going out of them? No one has ever given an answer.

Reviving the Arab world’s anemic political systems

Many Arab countries have sickly, anemic political systems that are sorely in need of rehabilitation if not outright regeneration.

Who will stop these child killers?

Editors face this dilemma in the newsroom almost on a daily basis.

Gaza assault faces failure

As the assault on Gaza enters its third week, the Israeli army is no closer to achieving its military objectives than it was on the first day.

MH17: Terror in the sky

First of all, I would like to express my deep sympathy to the families and friends of all the innocent victims who died aboard Malaysia’s flight MH 17.

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