Visionary leaders

ARABS and Muslims are very saddened by the death of King Abdullah. His death came at a critical time for the Middle East. Over the last few years the region has gone through multiple changes.

The pain of displacement

Whenever the word “refugee” is uttered, I think of my mother.

Netanyahu upsets allies

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a tough cookie. For him, making enemies is as routine as eating a sandwich.

A balancing act

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has trumpeted a new era of friendship with US President Barack Obama but experts say the Indian premier will be careful not to alienate traditional ally Russia or g

Growing Islamophobia

Feelings of hatred toward a group of people or nation usually stem from ignorance.

India’s Republic Day

I congratulate my Indian friends on the occasion of their country’s republic day. I am from Pakistan.

Unrest in the world

It is so depressing to watch and read about deaths and injustices on a daily basis. Despite global efforts, the menace of terrorism does not appear to die down.

Welfare of people

This is with reference to the article “Kingdom continues to be in safe hands” (Jan. 26) by Sabria S. Jawhar. It is difficult to express one’s feelings over the demise of King Abdullah.

Consequences of antibiotic abuse

When I was a medical student in the mid-1980s, I contracted malaria in Papua New Guinea. It was a miserable experience. My head ached. My temperature soared. I became anemic.

Salman: Experienced leader at the helm

Only a few hours of assuming the throne, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman demonstrated the depth of his leadership, vision and his ability to make the right decisions.

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