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Iranian regime continues to feed sectarianism: Saudi deputy defense minister

  • “We have to choose between the chaos that Iran spreads and stability, security and development,” he said
  • Delegation led by Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz in Russia for an official visit
By Arab News ·


US must lift pressure and apologize before Iran will negotiate: Rouhani

  • Oil prices hit their highest level since November on Tuesday after Washington announced the end of imports on Iranian oil
  • Khamenei on Wednesday called the US move a “hostile measure” that “won’t be left without a response”
By Reuters ·

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Saudi Arabia sees first budget surplus since 2014

  • Saudi Arabia plans to increase state spending in 2019
  • The country will work on stabilizing the global oil market
By Arab News ·


Saudi Arabia plans to create 561,000 jobs under new digital employment initiative

  • Qiwa program aims to achieve the Vision 2030 goal of reducing unemployment rate to 7 percent
By Hala Alshathri ·


Kosovan women returned from Syria face house arrest

  • Four alleged militants, all men, were arrested the moment they were brought to the country
  • The state prosecution said all 32 repatriated women are under investigation
By AP - Reuters ·


More than 60 dead in South Africa flooding after heavy rains

  • Rescue workers were digging through collapsed buildings on Wednesday
  • The rains mainly hit areas around the port city of Durban
By AFP ·

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Daesh link to Sri Lanka attacks raises fears of South Asia terror ‘recruits’


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Sri Lankan police hold alleged trainer of suicide bombers

By Mohammed Rasooldeen ·

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Confident Al-Falih holds out hope for early Aramco IPO

  • Speaking at the Financial Sector Conference in Riyadh, Al-Falih said that preparations for a listing of Aramco shares — an initial public offering (IPO) — could happen ‘sooner than you think’
  • The listing has been slated for 2021 according to government and company announcements, but Al-Falih’s comments raise the possibility that it could be brought forward to next year
By Frank Kane ·


Spain considers playing Super Cup in Saudi Arabia

  • Proposal will be made at the federation’s general assembly next week
By AP ·


Trump complained to Twitter CEO about lost followers -source

  • Reuters reported in 2016 Trump had been angry with Twitter because it had rejected an advertising deal with his campaign
By Reuters ·