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UN warns of 'widening conflagration' in Libya as southern Haftar base attacked

  • Fighting was continuing at the Tamanhint base near Sabha, the main city in southern Libya
  • More than 200 killed in fighting in tripoli
By AFP - Reuters ·

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'No collusion, no obstruction' Trump declares victory as Mueller report published

  • Justice Department released the full — though redacted — report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Russian medaling in US election
  • Attorney General Bill Barr said in a summary of the report that there was no collusion between Trump and Russians
By AFP ·


Abdul-Mahdi: Relations between Iraq and GCC ‘must progress’

  • Abdul-Mahdi and Al-Zayani discussed the development of relations between Iraq and GCC countries and issues of mutual interest
  • Abdul-Mahdi also attended the Saudi-Iraqi Business Forum, which included representatives from large Saudi companies
By Arab News ·


King Salman sends letters to leaders of Egypt, Jordan

  • Both El-Sisi and King Abdullah II conveyed their greetings to King Salman
By Arab News ·

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Lebanon’s seabed yields its historic secrets

  • Divers find pottery and stone in shipwrecks dating back 2,300 years
  • Discoveries are from Alexander the Great’s siege of Tyre in 332 BC

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14 bus passengers killed in Balochistan terror attack

  • Assault is second major attack in southwestern province in less than a week
  • Minorities have been the victims of a string of attacks in Balochistan
By Naimat Khan ·

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Brisk polling in second phase of Indian election

By Sanjay Kumar ·

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Disputes over Kabul guest list threaten Afghan peace meeting

By Sayed Salahuddin ·


Abraaj founder’s extradition hearing adjourned

  • The US alleges that Arif Naqvi and his firm raised money for the Abraaj Growth Markets Health Fund, collecting more than $100 million over three years from US-based charities and investors
  • According to the SEC’s complaint, Naqvi misappropriated money from the health fund and commingled the assets with corporate funds of Abraaj Investment Management
By Reuters ·