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Iran will not wage war against any nation: President Hassan Rouhani

  • Fears of a confrontation between Iran and the United States have mounted
  • The US is deploying about 1,000 more troops to the Middle East
By Reuters ·

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Former UEFA head Platini detained in Qatar World Cup probe

  • Platini’s lawyer, William Bourdon, said his client was innocent of all charges
  • Decision in December 2010 to award the World Cup to Qatar surprised many
By Reuters ·


US to send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East

  • Fears of a confrontation between Iran and US have mounted since last Thursda
  • Troops being deployed for “defensive purposes” amid concerns about threat from Iran
By Reuters ·

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Former Egyptian president Morsi buried in Cairo: lawyer

  • Morsi, was suffering from a benign tumor, had continuous medical attention, says state TV
  • The former president died aged 67
By Mohamed El-Shamaa ·


UN gives Myanmar aid cut warning over Rohingya camp closures

  • Myanmar has closed several camps holding around 9,000 Rohingya
  • They have not been allowed to return to their former homes and remain dependent on handouts
By AFP ·


Lebanon’s Hariri calls for cabinet solidarity in budget debate

  • The PM said cabinet ministers need to be united and responsible
  • Lebanon’s debt is almost 150% of its GDP
By Reuters ·


Google Doodle serves up falafel in quirky animation

  • It is believed falafels originated in Egypt, where they were called ta’ameya and made of fava beans
  • The popularity of falafel then moved towards the Levant area, where the use of chickpea became a staple
By Arab News ·