‘Yemen’s Houthi militia using Iranian-made drone aircraft’: Arab coalition

  • Col. Turki Al-Maliki said the Houthis have used the aircraft to carry out a number of attacks
  • Al-Maliki said a coalition military operation that was conducted in Sanaa on Saturday night
By Lojien Ben Gassem ·

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Israel confirms attacking Iranian ‘Quds’ forces in Syria

  • Airstrikes, rockets and bomb blasts on Syria’s day of violence
  • Syrian military says it thwarted most of the missiles fired by Israelis
By Arab News ·


US has ‘no plan’ as Syria pullout proceeds: ex-envoy

  • Former envoy Brett McGurk says the absence of a plan is increasing the risk to US forces
  • Trump announced the US withdrawal because, he said, Daesh had been defeated
By AFP ·


Civil service ministry launches national training program for public sector employees

  • The “National Program for Rehabilitation and Training of Human Resources Personnel and Leaders in Government Agencies” which aims to expand the skills of government personnel
  • The training program is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030
By Arab News ·


Jeddah to host first global village in Saudi Arabia



Yemeni army recaptures Wadi Al-Tamm and Al-Saif mountains in Saada

  • Yemeni soldiers recaptured the strategic mountains of Wadi Al-Tamm and Jabal Al-Saif after clashes with the Houthis
  • Another seven militants were killed in a Yemeni army bombing
By Arab News ·

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Israeli bombardment in Syria kills 11

By AFP ·


Sudan protesters show resilience, employ Arab Spring tactics

  • Activists challenging President Omar Al-Bashir’s autocratic rule say they have learned from their Arab Spring counterparts and introduced tactics of their own
  • Sudan did not experience the mass street protests that swept several Arab nations in 2011
By AP ·


Iran says Japan has started process of importing Iranian oil

  • Exemptions have been granted to Iran's biggest oil clients - Japan, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Greece and Turkey
  • Iranian oil accounted for 5.3 percent of Japan's total crude imports in 2018
By Reuters ·


Despite setbacks, Arab summit at media forefront

  • Japanese journalist says they have to cover the summit because the Mideast region is too important for Japan
  • TV, print and radio journalists were given the necessary equipment and space to allow constant reporting of the summit’s opening remarks