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Saudi Arabia condemns US move on occupied Golan Heights

  • Israel seized part of the Golan during the 1967 Six-Day War, subsequently annexing it in 1981
  • US President Trump officially recognized Israel's sovereignty of the Golan Heights on March 25, 2019

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Algeria army chief calls for Bouteflika to be declared unfit to rule

  • Move would potentially clear the way for elections to be organized in coming months
  • General Ahmed Gaid Salah's call welcomed by demonstrators in central Algiers
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Fresh rocket fire from Gaza threatens ceasefire after Israeli threat

  • Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Tuesday that he was ready to order further military action
  • Hamas says the rocket that hit near Ashkelon was the work of an individual and the factions are committed to calm
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Prince Turki: Purveyors of terror not from one religion

By Tarek Mishkhas & - NOOR NUGALI ·

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Saudi Arabia joins Arab partners to collaborate on space exploration

  • Kingdom has joined 10 other countries to sign the first regional agreement on coordinating exploration
  • Saudi Arabia has form in looking to the stars for inspiration — Riyadh famously put Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud into orbit in 1985, making him the first Arab in outer space
By Caline Malek ·

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‘Homegrown Islam project’ could lead to new Ankara-Berlin tensions

  • Markus Kerber: “What we need now is an Islam for German Muslims that belongs to Germany”
  • Germany’s new plan aims to counter foreign influence on the Muslim community


Austria far-right figure probed over New Zealand attacker link

  • The far-right leader added that authorities had seized his computer and phone during Monday’s raid on his apartment in Vienna
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Australia threatens social media execs with jail over terror images

  • Morrison met with a number of tech firms Tuesday, including Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • PM asked how they planned to keep their platforms from being "weaponised" by terrorists
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