Saudia replaces Apple as top brand among KSA millennials 

  • Facebook falls out of favour among Kingdom’s Youth, YouGov survey finds
  • Technology giant Apple fell to No. 3 in the top 10 brands this year

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A jubilant Saudi Arabia celebrates its past, present … and future

  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said National Day is an opportunity to recall the achievements of the country’s founder
  • Saudi Arabia’s friends around the world outdid themselves in expressing their wishes to the Kingdom
By Arab News ·

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Russia to send modern S-300 missile defense systems to Syria

  • President Vladimir Putin has ordered additional security measures after a Syrian Soviet-era S-200 air defence missile shot down a Russian military plane by mistake
  • Russia will transfer the modern S-300 air defence system to the Syrian armed forces within two weeks
By AFP ·

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Big-screen business in Saudi Arabia will be billion-dollar industry by 2030

  • Saudi has huge opportunities and is expected to become a significant box office market worth $1 billion (SR3.75 billion)
By Jennifer Bell ·


Pau Pogba hits out at Jose Mourinho’s tactics

  • French midfielder has an uneasy relationship with the Manchester United boss.
  • Pogba wants to see the Reds attack more often.
By AFP ·


Sirius XM buys streaming giant Pandora for $3.5 billion in shares

  • Sirius XM charges users monthly subscription fees while Pandora offers free music streaming
  • The transaction is being carried out entirely through an exchange of shares
By AFP ·