Fahad Nazer

Fahad Nazer is a political consultant to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington and an International Fellow at the National Council on US Arab Relations. He does not represent or speak on behalf of either organization.

Twitter: @fanazer

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Rohingya need more than words of sympathy and support

The House of Commons of Canada last week voted unanimously to declare the crimes committed by the military authorities of Myanmar against the Rohingya community as “genocide.”

September 25, 2018

Canada: A lesson in diplomacy

The word “diplomatic” is practically synonymous with mild manners, tactfulness, and generally being amenable to conciliation. Although I am always reluctant to make generalizations, it seems that many Canadians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, take pride in being polite. 

August 06, 2018

Visiting Saudi Arabia? Hope you like coffee

An American friend of mine told me he will be visiting Saudi Arabia and asked me about what to expect. After pausing for a few seconds, I told him, “I hope you like coffee.”

July 23, 2018