Employees’ woes

I read with interest the article “Switching jobs” (Feb. 28) by Bikram Vohra. It was a very nice article that beautifully described the dilemma faced by many of us.

Unrest in Maldives

It is really saddening to read about the unrest in Maldives. According to reports, protests erupted in the country over the arrest of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Turkish perspective

This is with reference to the article “Understanding Turkey’s stance” by Harun Yahya (Feb. 28). I fully agree with the views expressed by the writer.

Saleh’s approach

This is with reference to the article “Rich leader of a poor nation” (Feb. 28) by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed.

Simplistic approach

This is with reference to the article “Is Pervez Musharraf gaining ground?” (Feb. 27) by Salahuddin Haider. It is difficult to say as to how the writer arrived at such a conclusion?

Mysterious health issues

The report “250,000 children suffer from ADHD” (Feb. 27) is very alarming. This is a very serious issue that needs to be handled very carefully. This problem is not exclusive to Saudi Arabia.

Countering radicalization

The West should adopt different policies to counter radicalization of its Muslim citizens. There is a great need for understanding the factors that lead to an individual’s radicalization.

Reading habits

There is a great need for inculcating reading habits in our children. Reading not only broadens one’s horizon but also helps understand different cultures.

Trust OIC as UN fumbles

This is with reference to the speech by Yahya Al-Muallami, the Saudi representative to UN, published in the Arab News on Feb. 25. (“UN inaction ‘ravaged’ Mideast: KSA”)

Fighting terror

This refers to the article “Grand mufti: Fighting terror is Islamic duty.” (Feb. 22)

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