Time to act

This refers to the news, “OIC condemns Israeli desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” (July 17)

Israel’s war crimes

Israel’s recent actions, including attempts to discredit victims’ families and eyewitnesses, deliberately targeting civilians and pursuing a policy of collective punishment, epitomize the repression a

Feel-good Karachi

A group of artists and volunteers in Karachi have taken upon themselves to clean the dirt of the city — the dirt of hate and violence — by removing graffiti from the walls that reeks of animosity and

Decency in public

I am delighted to read that SAPTCO has banned two girls from traveling in its buses because they had become a nuisance for both its male and female co-passengers during their journey from Madinah to M

Welcome news!

This is with reference to the news report “Turkey moves to crush terror on all fronts” (July 25), which I read with great interest.

Deep malaise

It baffles me to know that several young boys and girls mostly from the West are heading to Syria to join Daesh, a terrorist group in every definition, and a cult that every sane Muslim in the world w

Who provoked the boys?

I agree that the men harassing the girls on the Corniche should be jailed and lashed.

Al-Maliki’s stupid comments

It is unfortunate that Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al-Maliki has spit venom at Saudi Arabia that smacks of sectarianism coming from the top level of Iraqi government.

Nagging process

I often face a nagging procedural hassle at the airport whenever I travel, and I understand many other travelers may be facing the same situation.

Signs of truth

This refers to the report, “Oldest Qur’an (copy) found in Britain.” (July 23)David Thomas, professor of Christianity and Islam, described the find as a “startling result.”

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