Qadri does it again

Tahirul Qadri has once again ditched the people of Pakistan. This is the second time; he has backtracked on his “firm” commitment to deliver change in the country. I don’t blame him.

Right to decide

I feel irritated by various opinion articles rapping Ankara for its reluctance over Kobani. The article “Better late than never” (Oct. 24) by Linda Heard evoked similar feelings.

Women’s power

The report “South Sudan’s women suggest intimacy strike to end the war” (Oct.

Boosting Saudi economy

This is with reference to the report “Hail public market ‘taken over’ by expats” (Oct. 24).

‘Strange’ relations

This refers to a very informative piece of article, “Memoirs of a Saudi Ph.D. student: Staying safe abroad.” (Arab News, Oct. 20) by Hatoon Kadi.

The rising tide of hatred

This refers to the unfortunate incident in the US where a Saudi scholarship student, Abdullah Alkadi, was brutally killed, and whose body was found more than a month after he had gone missing.

The future of India

The manner in which the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government is running the show, it seems that by the end of its tenure India will change forever.

Middle East on the brink

This is with reference to the article “How Iran will benefit from regional unrest” (Oct. 22) by Osama Al-Sharif. It was a good read. The writer has analyzed the situation very objectively.

Silent intelligentsia

I fully agree with the views expressed by Mohammad Fahad Al-Harthi “Silence of intellectuals and emergence of IS” (Oct. 22). The writer’s analysis is spot on.

Stop bullying nations

I fail to understand as to why the entire world is blaming Turkey over the Kobani crisis. This is nothing but bullying.

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