Youth problems

I read with interest the article “We must act before it’s too late” (Sept. 15) by Abdulateef Al-Mulhim. The writer has raised legitimate issues regarding the Saudi youths.

Un-Islamic actions of IS

This is with reference to the report “UK to hunt down ‘evil’ IS for slaughtering aid worker” (Sept. 15).

Al-Qaeda’s wishful thinking

In her article “Nip the evil in the bud” (Sept. 15), Seema Sengupta has analyzed the situation fabulously.

So much for democracy

This is with reference to the article “Democratic dark spots” by Shashi Tharoor (Sept. 13). In his article, the writer has highlighted the issues facing Pakistan.

We don’t need Al-Qaeda

I fully agree with the views of Nilofar Suhrawardy as expressed in her article “A far-fetched idea” (Sept. 14).

An alarming situation

The report “Scotswoman who joined IS vows to raise group’s flag over Britain” (Sept. 13) shows that certain demagogues are successfully brainwashing unassuming Muslim youths.

Importance of social sciences

This is with reference to the report “‘Monster’ dad held for scalding son” (Sept. 14). It was really shocking to go through the report and the picture showing the injured boy.

Stop blaming the US

It has become fashionable to blame the United States for everything. Bashing the US has become a favorite pastime in our part of the world.

Say no to violence

I fully agree with the views expressed by Harun Yahya in his article “Going to war for peace won’t help” (Sept. 13).

Roads in Jeddah

This is with reference to the report “Poor state of Jeddah’s streets blamed on erring contractors” (Sept. 13). It is very true that roads in Jeddah are in a bad shape.

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