The Nigerian corruption

“Imagine me and you are fighting — we both have guns but mine is pretty old; while you are wearing a bullet proof vest, I am carrying an umbrella; my vehicle just produces smoke and is short on fuel,

Israel deceiving the world

This refers to Linda S. Heard’s fabulous article, “Netanyahu upsets allies.” (Jan. 28)

The ‘reformer’

I read with great interest the article “Remembering the ‘reformer’” by Susan V. Ople (Jan. 28).

End of an era

The late King Abdullah was an epic figure who loved Saudi citizens like his children and did whatever needed for their welfare and achieve balanced development all over the Kingdom.

Rajapaksa’s defeat

This is with reference to the article “Shifting sands of Lankan politics” (Jan. 28) by S.N.M. Abdi.

European Muslims

The article by Javier Solana “Integrating Europe’s Muslims” (Jan. 28) was very balanced and interesting.

Respecting each other

The smooth transition of power in the Kingdom has once again proved that there is a close bond between the rulers and the ruled.

Fuel, energy crises

The ongoing fuel crisis in Pakistan is mindboggling. There is a lot of confusion over the true reasons for the fuel shortage. Every official is trying to pass the buck to the other.

Dangers of antibiotics

I read with great interest the article “Consequences of antibiotic abuse” (Jan. 27) by Jeremy Farrar.

Growing Islamophobia

Feelings of hatred toward a group of people or nation usually stem from ignorance.

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