Lest England forgets

This refers to Sabria S. Jawhar’s excellent article on migration issue. (“Chickens coming home to roost,” Oct. 8)

No fraud with tourists

This refers to news report published in Arab News, “400 Saudi tourists swindled in Manila.” (Oct. 6)

It’s time to defeat terrorism

Murder of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by his own security guard was straightforward an act of terrorism, a move to silence the voice of reason and rationality.

The Arab role

This refers to Neil Berry’s article “The speech US prefers to forget” (Oct. 7)

All is well that ends well

The Kingdom has shown a great gesture by announcing to host for Umrah the American boy who was wrongfully arrested after a teacher at his school in Texas mistook his homemade clock for a bomb.

Save heritage, save UN

Will the UNESCO ever go beyond mere statements and condemnations to save the prized heritage in Syria or elsewhere? (“Daesh is terrified by history,” Oct. 6)

Friday prayer

Worshippers at a mosque in Hail had to offer regular prayer on Friday noon instead of the weekly Friday prayer because the imam in Al-Borj failed to show up.

When silence becomes a crime

This refers to the news report about a video clip showing a man harassing a housemaid that went viral on social media mainly because the video was posted by his wife.

Avoiding the clash

This refers to the article by Abdulrahman Al-Rashed “Avoiding clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran” (Oct. 5)

We must play a proactive role

This refers to the Dadri killing incident in India where a 52-year-old Muslim was killed on allegation that he was consuming beef, which is banned in the state.

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