United we stand

Why an Israeli can visit a Muslim country, but Muslims are not allowed to enter Israel, “Gaza tension: Israelis leave Maldives resort.” (July 31)

Rising intolerance in India

The radical Hindus with their Hindutva ideology, which is backed by an extremist communal movement, seem to be in a state of confused excitement.

‘We will never give up’

It was the worst night by far. Around 1 a.m. the bombing was so intense that we decided to huddle together as a family in the living room away from the windows.

Obama’s hollow Eid greetings

US President Barack Obama makes a mockery of himself when he extends his Eid greetings to Muslims of the world saying, “We stand with people of all faiths, here at home and around the world, to protec

Height of barbarity

This refers to the letter, “A shameless world,” (Arab News, July 30)

A shameless world

The world is watching the slaughter of innocent women and children in Gaza with a sense of indifference and disgusting silence.

The Middle East mire

The developments that are unfolding in Syria are strange and shocking and getting the world leadership caught in a catch-22 situation.

Fire safety concern

There has been an increase in fire incidents in several cities like Jeddah and Dammam.

Sharif’s Umrah visit

This refers to the report “Saudi Arabia will always stand by Pakistan, says King Abdullah.” (July 26)

Death of a true patriot

The death of Majeed Nizami, a veteran Pakistani journalist and devoted soldier of Pakistan movement, is a big loss for the cournty.

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