Power of vote

The article “Democracy under threat in Pakistan” (Oct. 20) by Muhammad Waqas was really funny. These writers try to portray democracy as the only source of salvation.

Audacity of hope

I am surprised to read the report “Arabs from Israel risk arrest for ‘Arab Idol’ show” (Oct. 19).

Resolving Arab-Israel conflict

This is with reference to the article “Root of all problems” by Hassan Barari (Oct. 20).

Need for concrete steps

This is with reference to the article by John V. Whitbeck “Tightening noose around Tel Aviv” (Oct. 19). I think that all of us are being too idealistic.

The battle against Ebola

The situation is getting worse in Ebola-affected countries and apparently the international community is not doing enough to control the situation.

An uphill task

The civil society in Pakistan has succeeded in convincing the Sindh High Court to order the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) to halt work on two nuclear power plants in Karachi pending further

Safety of Saudi students

This is with reference to the report “Family in shock over student’s death in US” (Oct. 19). The report of the death of the Saudi youngster in the United States has saddened all of us.

The Dark Continent

This is with reference to the article “Ebola: A threat that may unite mankind” (Oct. 18) by Harun Yahya. The writer has aptly highlighted the plight of the Dark Continent.

Diversifying sources of income

It is heartening to note that the Saudi authorities are focusing on the tourism sector. The report “750,000 tourism jobs created” (Oct. 18) is a good beginning.

Compassion toward animals

We welcome the decision of imposing fines on animal torturers. It is good news for all animal lovers. Kindness and compassion toward every living being are the hallmarks of a civilized society.

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