In search of a Whitlam

I found the article “A giant among Australians” (Oct. 29) by Mahir Ali very informative. Truth be told, it was the first time ever in my life that I came to know about such a great politician.

Population control

This is with reference to the report “Population control steps: No consensus in Shoura” (Oct. 29). It is heartening to note that the issue of population control is being discussed in the Kingdom.

Abu Sayyaf — gang of criminals

The article “Abu Sayyaf’s kidnapping spree” (Oct. 29) left me deeply sad. These groups who claim to be representing Islam are only bringing a bad name to our religion.

Indian Muslims puzzle westerners

This is with reference to the article “Who’s afraid of India’s meek Muslims?” (Oct. 24) by Aijaz Zaka Syed.

Pak-Afghan ties

As most of the western forces are gradually pulling out of Afghanistan, the chances of a Taleban resurrection are growing.

Little to worry

The article “No need to panic over IMF warning” (Oct. 28) by Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg should be taken very seriously. The writer is correct in his analysis of the situation.

Corporate India

I read with interest the article “Modi is moving tactfully” by Amulya Ganguli (Oct. 28).

Education must to fight terror

This is with reference to the report “Education plays key role in fight against extremism” (Oct. 28). It is due to the lack of education that makes people fall for extremist ideology.

Wrong decisions

The article “Blind loyalty to politicians” by Muhammad Waqas (Oct. 27) did not surprise me a bit. It is the root cause of all the problems in South Asia particularly in India and Pakistan.

The balancing act

This is with reference to the article “Of bad bosses and workers’ productivity” by Saad Al-Dosari (Oct. 27). I appreciate the writer for highlighting this important issue.

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