Israel needs a firm reply

This refers to the news report “Kingdom exhorts world community to contain Israel.” (Oct. 13)

Bizarre world

An unfortunate but a very nasty piece of news is emanating from the US.

Diplomatic move

This refers to the news report “Riyadh, Moscow join hands against ‘terrorist caliphate’,” ((Oct. 12)

The question of patriotism

A minority but radical section of the Hindu society is never tired of questioning the Indian Muslims’ patriotic feelings toward the nation and their credentials as Indian Muslims.

Excellent Haj services

Talal Harbi’s article “Pilgrimage of the disabled” (Oct. 12) is a welcome relief from the disturbing stories that are coming up on daily basis.

Israel’s right to exist

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor Party’s new leader, in a recent meeting with Friends of Israel, didn’t utter a word about Israel.

Hopes in Indian judiciary

I congratulate the police action in rounding up the suspected culprits in inciting anti-Muslim violence. (“Indian police arrest 21 after cow ‘slaughter’ violence,” Oct. 10)

Tunisia deserved it

I welcome the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to award the peace prize this year to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet in recognition of its contribution to the successful transition to democrac

Muslims need to be assertive

The term ‘fascism’ gained currency mainly after the WW-I, but historically Pharaoh was perhaps the first fascist ruler in the history of mankind who practiced all the elements of fascism including aut

Debate with Rushdie

Saudi Arabia deserves appreciation for calling the Czech ambassador to protest against translation of Salman Rushdie’s blasphemous book “Satanic Verses.” (“Czech translation of sacrilegious novel must

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