Fake degree scandal

This has reference to Arab News story on Axact (May 28). It made a very interesting reading and it is good to see Arab News covering the story in such a great detail.

Philippine gesture

This refers to the Ramzy Baroud’s article, “Mother Suu’s eerie silence.” (May 26)

Arrogance leads to destruction

This refers to the article “The effects of arrogance on the soul” (May 22) fabulously written by Harun Yahya.

Swift action

This is with reference to the report “Most Qatif culprits caught” (May 27).

Iranian proxies

This is with reference to the article “Lebanon under siege” (May 27) by Eyad Abu Shakra. Hezbollah was once respected all across the Muslim world.

Tread carefully

I really admire the Turkish government’s stance on various issues facing the Muslim world. The Turkish government led by the AK party has put the country on the road to progress.

The Libyan crisis

Once upon a time, there was a country ruled by a tyrant. He was said to be a psychopath, who wanted to impose his will on the citizens of that country.

Action against Myanmar

I read with interest the article “Adrift in a sea of hopelessness” (May 27) by Mahir Ali. The United Nations should swing into action to protect these unfortunate people.

Saudis stand united

This is with reference to the report “Teary farewell to Qatif victims” (May 26).

GCC policies

It is heartening to note that the Arab countries are moving swiftly toward the goal of establishing a joint force. This move will bolster the security of the Gulf region and the greater Arab world.

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