Futile efforts

I read with interest the article “Running around in circles” (Dec. 17) by Osama Al-Sharif. I feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Israel-Palestine issue.

Countering Hindutva

This is with reference to the article “Is RSS rocking Modi’s boat?” (Dec. 18) by Rajeev Sharma. I see this article as nothing but a crude joke.

Fighting Taleban

The barbaric attack on Pakistani schoolchildren in Peshawar should have made the international community realize that Pakistan is not the perpetrator but the victim of terrorism.

Beware of pickpockets

It is shocking to learn that female pickpockets in Abayas are operating inside the Grand Mosque targeting unsuspecting women pilgrims.

Junk leadership

The massacre of 148 people inside an army school in Peshawar seems to have spurred Pakistan leaders into action.

The American mistake

The Peshawar attack on Army Public School is an attack on humanity.

Women driving

This is with reference to the report “Shoura Council ‘open to discuss women’s driving’” (Dec. 17). I fail to understand what is the big deal about women driving in the Kingdom.

Living in harmony

I read with great interest the article “Running around in circles” (Dec. 17) by Osama Al-Sharif. I believe that the efforts made by the United States are nothing more than a charade.

No sympathy for militants

This is with reference to the article “ Wake up Pakistan, wake up” (Dec. 17) by Syed Tausief Ausaf. Nobody in his right frame of mind could disagree with the views expressed by the writer.

Economic diversity

The call to accelerate economic diversification is very timely and appropriate. It is not only the falling oil prices that should be seen as the main threat.

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