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Trump’s bigotry at its worst

Whenever the US presidential election approaches, the entire world keenly monitors the campaign.
American presidential election is important not only for the Americans but also for the entire world because of the leading position of the country.
The United States is a multi-cultural country, which is not built by one single race. Since its establishment in 1776, men with European origins have led the US until President Barack Obama took over as the president of the country. He became the first African American to be elected to the White House. Many people might take the name of Johan Hanson, president of the Continental Congress. But due to the controversies surrounding the issue, it would be better to leave that matter to historians.
Interestingly, America never saw a Native American becoming America’s commander-in-chief. I think the closest they came to the White House was when Charles Curtis became the first person with Native American ancestry to reach either of the two highest offices in the United States government’s executive. He was the 31st vice president of the US. In short, American election and the candidates matter not only to the American people but also to the world.
In the past, most of the American presidential candidates would concentrate talking about America’s domestic issues such as employment, minority rights, education and taxes etc. In addition to that foreign policy issues used to be their top priority. American people also want their candidates and future executive office holders to make the American flag a sign of relieve not a target to the outside world.
This is done through maintaining solid and just relations with the outside world — a relationship built on mutual interests and friendship.
This is why presidential candidates try to reach out to the American voters while extending their hands to the outside world for global peace, economic cooperation and mutual understanding. Apparently, this election year is different. The US has a presidential candidate who doesn’t know the basics of how to be the commander-in-chief of the most powerful country in the world — a country that is based on ethics and morals. We might say it is the land of the free and a land of beautiful dreams.
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s nomination was a surprise to many. Since day one, he has been sending shockwaves to the world by issuing provocative statements. He started by attacking countries that are strategically allied to the US. He even insulted America’s southern neighbor Mexico, its people and Americans of Mexican origin. And it wasn’t a verbal insult, he also called for building a fence separating the US and Mexico. And not only that, he simply wants to kick all Latinos out of the US.
Now, I will not talk about his encounter with American hardworking individuals such as the handicapped reporter or his comments about one of the American TV commentators. This is in addition to his sexist comments.
Following the San Bernardino attack, which is still under probe, Muslims are under pressure. Unfortunately, all Muslims are generally blamed for the actions of a few misguided people who happen to be the followers of Islam.
In such a charged environment, Donald called for banning Muslims from entering the United States. It is indeed a very irresponsible statement coming from a person who is striving to become the leader of the world’s superpower.
His statement will long be remembered in history whether or not he wins the GOP nomination.
His stand is hurting the United States and its image. At the same time, he is inciting violence against Muslims who are against the act committed by the very few who claim to be Muslims and acting in the name of Islam. As a matter of fact, Muslims are the worst victims of these terrorists.
Trump is an American billionaire who was born and raised in the Borough of Queens and Manhattan in New York City, which is one of the most interesting multicultural cities in the world. One expects a presidential candidate from that area to be more open, liberal and knowledgeable. The world saw many American billionaires and politicians, but Trump is very different from the general image of a successful American. He is not even close to being like the American billionaire and philanthropist, Bill Gates, or like the American politician and former astronaut Sen. John Glenn.