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Technolight brings out the best to Riyadh

Technolight, a leading Saudi company for modern lighting techniques and equipment, has opened its new showroom in Riyadh.
Professor Volker Von Kardoff, a German lighting expert, and Abdul Aziz Al-Azem, managing director of Technolight, were present at the event.
It also attracted key representatives from leading construction and decoration consultant companies in the Kingdom and some of the global suppliers for Technolight,
The showroom features the latest technologies of residential lighting, industrial lighting, comprehensive lighting control systems, smart home systems and electrical accessories.
The showroom includes a VIP saloon, meeting room and modern reception gallery displaying modern integrated lighting control systems and a variety of multi-purpose eco-friendly lightings and accessories.
Abdul Aziz Al-Azem, executive director of Technolight, said the company decided to open a branch in Riyadh to offer their clients a full range of the latest modern lighting techniques and products.
“Technolight has executed several iconic projects in the field of lighting and office furniture such as King Abdullah Road in Riyadh, King Saud University, Princess Nora University in Riyadh, Saudi Foreign Ministry and many more, although, we don’t only offer well-known brand names from different regions in the world, but we also intend to escalate the expectations of professionalism in the local market,” Al-Azem added.
Sheikh Farid Al-Azem, chairman and founder of Technolight, said: The Riyadh opening of the second showroom in Saudi Arabia today meets the increasing demand in the Saudi market which is witnessing major growth. We are keen to reflect the international technologies with fine tuning to adapt into the Saudi market.
Prof. Volker Von Kardoff, lighting expert and head of Kardoff Engineering in Germany, said: “As one of the most well known engineering offices in the world specialized in lights designing, we are happy to witness the opening of Technolight in Riyadh, after its notable progress in the Saudi market.”

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