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Online trading platform sets new standards

JEDDAH: Gone are the days when investors had to make regular visits to a stock broker’s office to buy or sell stocks. Things have changed these days. Technology has brought about drastic changes in our lives. Buying or selling financial contracts is simply a click away.
Since the Internet technology on its part has revolutionized the way people trade across the globe, Daweda Exchange, the first online financial marketplace and the only platform that offers a true, exchange-like experience have expanded their services and products to the Saudi customers interested in gaining benefits from trading.
Based in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Daweda Exchange is committed to providing a fair and transparent trading environment, while giving the clients an opportunity to keep a complete control and to fully maximize their returns on correctly predicting the market’s movement.
To provide its clients with an optimum exchange-like trading experience, all trades are carried out on “Orderbook” that execute trades in under 4 milli seconds, which is the stock market’s standard for fast execution.
This “Orderbook” is unique tool that allows clients to view all other positions on the platform such as how many buyers and sellers are currently available before making their own informed trading decision.
In addition to this, the platform can also handle some 50,000 trades per second and provides clients with a 100 percent uptime.  
“It’s the only platform in the market that allows you to trade directly with other clients at its most simple and fair way,” said John Linder, CEO of Daweda.
“The unique and new trading method is extremely different from the other trading platforms as it allows the customers to buy and sell directly to, or from other clients, we don’t intervene in the pricing process,” said the CEO.
Moreover, besides being unique and new, Daweda is reliable and transparent and avoids any conflict between the client and the company.
“As we grow, we look to increase our services into the expanded realm of impact trading in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries,” said Linder.
“However, with an aim to provide professional and exciting market place atmosphere and experience, we’re pleased to be the first online financial exchange platform in the country to offer the most dynamic and dependable trading opinions to the socially conscious clients.”

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