Jewels inspired by the sun, sand and sea

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Updated 24 March 2015

Jewels inspired by the sun, sand and sea

Every now and then some large fashion house or jewelry line creates a trend of its own, something unique and significant yet fashion houses around the world catch up on the trend and the “uniqueness” and significance is merged, turning this trend into the new norm for the season. Jewelry also follows the same pattern, yet there are those who break that cycle and create something unusual yet amazing at the same time. The art of wearing jewelry is to make a statement and speak for one’s choice of fashion. Who doesn’t love a diamond necklace or pearl earrings? Everyone! But there are those who are more connected to their jewelry and Lorena Azizeh Abuabara is one of the most unique designers out there with her beautiful jewelry designs all incorporated with nature and her love for it.
From a tender age, young Lorena had a love for jewelry making. Picking up fallen beads as she visited Neiman Marcus while shopping with her mother, she would then go home and create necklaces with her little treasures. Her love for beads and jewelry continued to grow as did her love for making them. She started collecting stones and beads from all over the world. At the age of 13, she interned with her mother’s jewelry designer friend and learned about the business. She learned how to melt gold, solder and get involved with the real world of jewelry designing. Her hobby turned into an eponymous jewelry business not found anywhere else.
During her college years, she signed up for a jewelry design class but soon dropped out due to lack of creativity, which didn’t suit young Lorena’s wild spirit. With no official education prior to creating her own jewelry business, this designer continued on with her passion for creating unique pieces all on her own. Her love for colors, statement pieces and nature was all that was needed to succeed in the jewelry designing world.
“In college I started making myself large statement pieces because I couldn’t find any jewelry I liked anywhere. Everyone was wearing the same pieces and I hated that. People quickly noticed my unique designs and would stop me to ask about them and would even beg to buy them off me. I never thought or planned to make a business out of it, I just stumbled into it. By word of mouth my clientele basis grew and that is how ‘Azizeh’ the brand began.”
Her line comprises different handmade pieces; all one of a kind. Her large chunky bracelets, large rings and necklaces are adorned with colorful stones, weaved with large crystals, semi-precious stones, gems, beads, tassels and threads all intertwined in a way only Lorena can. Her designs are loud and personal; she also uses amethyst crystals and turquoise with healing powers and metaphysical properties. The designer is connected to her spirituality in a way that shows in her choice of collaborations. After living in Maui, Hawaii for two years, she has become attuned to her spiritual side and connection to the universe. In her words, the magical energy of Maui makes everyone appreciate nature, life and everything about it.
“I like embracing individuality. I find inspiration in anything and everything! From the grinds that come out of my juicer to the coral in the ocean.”
The art of creation doesn’t just pop up suddenly, artists find inspiration in every turn and incorporate it in their work, resulting in creative designs and Lorena’s keen eye, travels and inspirations surround her along with her choice of lifestyle. Her choice of semi-precious gems and stones are collected from all over the world and Hawaii’s natural wonders have influenced the designs greatly, getting in touch with nature one on one. Since starting her business in 2005, Lorena has expanded her designs to bags and clutches using the same motif she uses in her jewelry with the addition of sea shells, ethnic patterns, and large charms.
The designer’s bohemian chic pieces speak loudly and have gained attention amongst A-list Hollywood stars; they have been featured in a number of magazine spreads and are a favorite amongst bloggers and beach lovers with a flair for a laid back bohemian style.
Lorena is very adherent about being exceptional and is against mass production for her line, this is due to her rare connection with her pieces and wanting each piece to be special on their own.
For more information on Lorena’s beautiful statement pieces, follow her on her Instagram page Lorena Azizeh. Her jewelry is sold in Four Seasons Resorts worldwide, and customers can contact her personally through her website

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Beyoncé wears Tunisian-French design in viral video

Updated 20 June 2018

Beyoncé wears Tunisian-French design in viral video

DUBAI: Beyoncé and Jay-Z stunned fans by dropping a surprise joint album this week, and the artistic video for the lead track, “Apes***,” sees the Grammy-winning queen of pop wearing a turban by French-Tunisian milliner Donia Allegue.

The nine-track album “Everything Is Love” dropped Saturday on the Tidal music streaming service that Jay-Z partially owns, before the couple released it on Spotify on Monday.
The pop diva and hip-hop superstar announced the album from the stage in London as they wrapped up the British leg that opened a global tour.

The couple also put out an elaborately choreographed video that takes place inside the Louvre museum in Paris for “Apes***,” AFP reported.

The video opens with the couple standing regally in front of the “Mona Lisa” — Jay-Z in a light green double-breasted suit, Beyoncé in a lavender pantsuit — and features a squad of scantily clad dancers moving sensually in front of Jacques Louis David’s “The Coronation of Napoleon.”

In a later scene, Beyoncé dons a floor-length black turban by Donia Allegue with a nude-colored bodysuit by French design house Cadolle. According to Vogue Arabia, Allegue revealed that the headpiece took eight hours to create and is made of six meters of tulle.

“Honored and proud to have adorned Queen @beyonce (with) an exceptional headpiece for her grandiose clip,” the design house posted on its Instagram page this week.

The video is a veritable treasure trove of sartorial high points chosen by stylist Zerina Akers, who scored the latest designs from international runways, as well as custom pieces from various high-end brands.

Fashion aside, the album, driven by warm, sultry soul with a largely hip-hop cadence, marries the styles of the two artists but is more consistent with the recent direction of Jay-Z.
The two stars have recorded together previously, notably on the Beyoncé-led single “Drunk in Love,” but the album comes after an especially public window into their marriage.
Beyonce on her last solo album “Lemonade” in 2016 revealed infidelity on the part of Jay-Z, who a year later asked forgiveness on his own album “4:44.”

This year, as the title of “Everything is Love” implies, their relationship is apparently swell.

On the final track, the joyously brassy “Lovehappy,” the two acknowledge past pain but also their efforts to reconcile.

“We’re flawed / But we’re still perfect for each other,” Beyoncé sings.

As two of the most prominent African Americans in pop culture Jay-Z and Beyoncé have played increasingly visible political roles, from campaigning for former president Barack Obama to championing the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Everything is Love” offers a paean to African American identity in “Black Effect,” which opens in Beyoncé fashion with a monologue about self-love before a haunting soul sample.
Jay-Z on the song name-checks Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old African American shot dead in 2012 by a neighborhood watchman in a Florida gated community, and raps, in a twist on performers’ rote calls for crowd gesticulation, “Get your hands up high like a false arrest.”