Thaw in Saudi-Iran ties as FMs meet in US

Updated 23 September 2014

Thaw in Saudi-Iran ties as FMs meet in US

Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers have met in New York for the first time, signaling a possible thaw in relations that have been strained for decades.
Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, a move that will undoubtedly go a long way in securing peace and security in the Middle East, as well as the region at large. Live footage of the Saudi-Iranian ministerial meeting was aired by several local and international TV channels, including Saudi TV, on Monday.
Prince Saud discussed key regional issues with Zarif.
Speaking after the meeting in reference to the advance of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Prince Saud said: “We are aware of the sensitivity of the crisis and the opportunity we have ahead of us. We can deal with the regional crisis successfully by using this precious opportunity to avoid the mistakes of the past.”
Prince Saud added: “The two countries (Saudi Arabia and Iran) are influential in the region and cooperation between them will have clear effects on the establishment of regional and global security.”
Speaking on his part, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif described his talks with Prince Saud as a “new page” in bilateral Tehran-Riyadh relations, expressing hope that the meeting would have a positive impact on efforts to restore peace in the region and the world at large.
Commenting on the talks between Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers, Saleh Al-Khathlan, deputy chief of the National Society of Human Rights, said: “The meeting is consistent with a new trend in the two countries’ relations, aimed at opening a new chapter of cooperation after years of tension.”
Al-Khathlan added: “This tension was caused by Iran’s belligerent behavior, particularly its intervention in the internal affairs of a number of Arab countries.”
He further said Riyadh and Tehran have “realized that new developments in the region, such as the rise in terrorism, necessitate change of policy toward each other.”

GEA and Misk launch ‘Entertainment Pioneers’ program

Updated 26 June 2019

GEA and Misk launch ‘Entertainment Pioneers’ program

RIYADH: The General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) launched its “Entertainment Pioneers” program, in partnership with the Initiatives Center at the Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation (Misk).

The program aims to prepare citizens, and especially fresh graduates, to work with the most renowned international companies in the field of entertainment, to gain experience, develop their skills in the field, and enable them to integrate this sector and contribute to its development and prosperity.

The program is part of GEA’s strategy to develop the sector of entertainment in accordance with the best international standards, and to provide it with qualified national competencies in this field, to meet the objectives of the Quality of Life program, a basic part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The first stage of the program will kick off in collaboration with a leading American entertainment company that employs 44,000 people worldwide, and that has a record of more than 30,000 entertainment programs and 100 festivals, with its sales surpassing of 500 million tickets per year.

In addition, various international companies are participating in the event, in order to train Saudis in the tasks of planning, organization and management of entertainment programs and projects.

As part of its plans to develop and increase the size of local content in the entertainment sector, GEA is launching several other initiatives to train Saudi cadres develop their skills, and to integrate the job market especially in small and medium enterprises in the field of entertainment.

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