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Saudi Arabia

‘Sorceress’ principal demoted to teacher

The principal of an elementary school has accused colleagues of leveling false charges against her, which resulted in her demotion to a teacher's position.
Majida Al-Shaffie, who was the principal at the fourth elementary school in Al-Kaaki district, was quoted as saying in local media that she suffered a nervous breakdown and collapsed when the education department sent her a letter stating that she would be demoted.
Al-Shaffie's husband, Ibrahim Alnmir, said teachers accused his wife of sorcery, spying on teachers and raising the grades of students to improve the school's standing.
He said that his wife was the victim of a conspiracy to oust her, involving some female teachers and supervisors in the department. “They intend to destroy her honorable history as a teacher, and the efforts she made to turn the school into an exemplary model of learning,” he said.
“My wife was the subject of malicious complaints from teachers and anonymous persons. The complaints were probed and found groundless. When my wife decided to file a case in the courts against these plots, she was dismissed from her position.”
The teacher said she had 25 years of service in the education field, with 14 of those years in the administrative department, and more than 60 certificates of recognition from her supervisors, parents and government agencies.
Abdulaziz bin Saad Al-Thaqafi, media spokesperson of the education department, said the former headmaster had violated regulations and was sanctioned. He said a committee of headmasters and deputies had studied the actions of Al-Shaffie and concluded she had committed too many violations and should be demoted.
He said there was now an investigation under way to know how she managed to get so many commendations for good performance.

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