Govt bans Saudis from adopting Syria orphans

Updated 23 January 2015

Govt bans Saudis from adopting Syria orphans

The Ministry of Social Affairs has banned Saudi families from adopting Syrian or other foreign children.
“The ministry does not sponsor Arab children who lost their parents in conflicts, such as in Syria and Iraq. There are global humanitarian organizations that deal with these cases,” said Latifah Al-Tamimi, director of social supervision at the ministry in the Eastern Province.
However, the ministry does support children of marriages between foreign women and Saudi men, providing them full rights as citizens, she was quoted as saying in a local publication on Thursday.
On a related matter, she said that Saudi families recently adopted 560 Saudi orphans. These orphans are entitled to birth certificates, passports and other personal documents.
The ministry also provides adoptive families SR3,000 a month, with the children getting free medical treatment at private hospitals and bank accounts, she said.
However, orphan children adopted by Saudis must keep their original family names, and must be informed that they were adopted when they grow up. Al-Tamimi said the ministry had not uncovered any abuse of the adoption system yet.
Orphans are entitled to live independently when they are 18. The ministry also supports those who want to get married, providing a financial subsidy of SR60,000 per person.
Abdullah Makki, a former Islamic science professor at Um Al-Qura University, told Arab News that Islam encourages adoption but not changing the family names of orphans. “Islam encourages Muslims to embrace orphans so that they are raised in a family environment,” said Makki.

Emirati officials cite solid Saudi-UAE ties

Updated 19 min 58 sec ago

Emirati officials cite solid Saudi-UAE ties

  • UAE and Saudi Arabia share a common view on many issues, offering a distinctive model to other countries to follow — Emiratic exec

JEDDAH: Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir met UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan in New York on Monday.

They praised the brotherly relations between the two countries and discussed latest regional and international developments.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Hajji Al-Khouri, director general of the Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Foundation, hailed the historical relations between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, stressing on their political, economic and cultural heritage ties at all levels.

Speaking on the occasion of Saudi National Day, Al-Khouri said the unique relations between the two countries are due to efforts being exerted by the leadership of the two countries.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of UAE International Investors Council, Jamal Saif Al-Jarwan, described on Sunday the relations between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi as deep-rooted and well-established at various levels.

Al-Jarwan said in a statement that both the UAE and Saudi Arabia share a common view on many issues, offering a distinctive model to other countries to follow. 

He said the formation of the Joint Coordination Council further strengthened and upgraded the Saudi-UAE relationship by playing an important role in achieving the full partnership between the two countries.